Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sting And Hammer: Vegas (TigerJam)

Sting's concert was off the chain!! The crowd really enjoyed it, Chris
Tucker, Samuel Jackson, Jimmy Jam, Tiger Woods, Winky Wright...etc
We did party!! I'm so excited for JD Greer because Sting gave me his
blessing for JD and I to cover Roxanne!!! We will record it at the end
of this week.
This was my third year hosting Tigers after party for his Charity. I
love doing it for him and it's for a great cause. Tiger raises a lot of
money to help kids. Tiger is a great role model for the youth. Keep him
in your prayers for his dad.
From my sidekick

Saturday, April 29, 2006

Coast to Coast in 24hrs

The crew and I flew to DC did a show, went to the Wizards, versus Lebron
James and back to the westcoast. This is all in the plans as we develope
the all new "MC Hammer Dance Show".
From my sidekick

Thursday, April 27, 2006

Look3X Rehersal's!! 2:30 am

We doin it!! It's almost show'em time!
From my sidekick

Saturday, April 22, 2006

Sammy's Home!!

Joy unspeakable! Look how happy he is!
I'm Thankful. Thanks for your prayers
and kind thoughts.
God Bless
From my sidekick

Friday, April 21, 2006

Hammer Ball

One month into the season and things are just beginning to take shape.
The Barry Bonds watch, hunt, chase, and escapade has cooled while Barry takes
a break and adjust to this new unprecedented level of pressure.
Mind and body go hand in hand.

the game moves on. Alex Rodriguez is swinging a hot a stick and is hovering
around the .300 mark. Somethings never change. Yankee fans are lucky to have
a front row seat of yet another future Hall Of Famer. Alex is the complete package.
Look for the Yankees to catch fire this month. Spring is slowly moving towards
summer and some players only get it going when it's warm baby!
I feel ya. The White Sox seem to have picked up where they left off.
It's to early to runaway with it but the swagger is right. Vazquez is looking
strong and was near flawless in his two hitter this week. The Sox have won
9 of their last 10 games.

Boston threatens an early season run for the stretch.
We all know, you wake up one morning It's July
and you wonder how did we get 10 games out?
RedSox fans are hungry for another shot at it. Believe me
once you taste victory you begin to crave it. It is an acquired
taste. King Crab anyone?

The A's an Angels hook up this weekend and the series will
produce the early season favorite for the AL West crown.
My bet is the A's will win the series and the AL West this
year. The A's pitching once again is the advantage. Look
for Zito to get in rhythm in May.

The Mets sure look impressive. This is going
to be a highly contested battle in the NL East.
While the Mets are marking their territory,
the Braves pitching is locking in. We have all the
classic makings of a great divisional rivalry. Former
teammates and the north versus the south.
Southern hospitality versus the big city slickers.
The Mets and Braves is baseball at it's summertime best.

The Cubs are in striking distance early on and should
give Houston all the fight they can stand this season.
Look for others to step up while Lee recovers. The Cubs
will be there fighting it out in September.

The Giants will win the NL West. While Barry is mending
and finding his groove the Giants still occupy the top spot.
I don't see the other clubs having the eye of the tiger
that it takes to whip veterans when it counts.
They don't won't it. So the Giants will gladly take it.

Question, when will the NL managers get the guts to pitch
to Barry Bonds? They say he's old and on the decline. Ok, then
pitch to the man!!

Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sammy is awake and playing.
From my sidekick


It's been a long day. Sammy was in an ambulance and flown to a hospital.
I'm glad I was home to be by his side and hold and hug him. This was the
first time, since he's been home, that we have had a scare like this. I
noticed that he had a little swelling in his soft spot at the top of his
head and when we took him in, it escalated to a full blown emergency.
Sammy was fiesty and he was uncomfortable with all the strangers and boy
did he fight them off! All the test so far are negative and Sammy is
resting. He ate and fell to sleep. His mom is doing great. No woman( or
man) should have to go through this alone. Were fine.
Keep Sam in your prayers.
From my sidekick

Tuesday, April 18, 2006 Welcome to HammerBlog!!

I am pleased to announce that I will be posting my baseball related
blogs at! Of course they will continue here in the town of
HammerBlog but we will be welcoming new visitors as well. Show'em love.
The 2006 baseball season will be one for the record books! On and off
the field. Playball baby! Playball!! Batter Up!!
From my sidekick

Sunday, April 16, 2006

Todays Memories

From my sidekick

Sammy with eyes right!!

Happy Easter!!!
From my sidekick

Happy Easter

Thank U All for praying my son Sammy Through!!
This is his first Easter. May God Bless U All!

From my sidekick

Thursday, April 13, 2006

Miracle: He Never Quit

This is Samuel LJ Burrell,
My son. Born one pound and eleven ounces. Three months in the hospital.
He fought off death from the womb. He stopped breathing a 100 times and
100 times God commanded life back into him. 100% healthy today. I'm so
Thankful. He is my joy! Thankful, Thankful, Thankful!
Abba Father
From my sidekick

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Thankful: Death Burial Resurrection:

This is the week that I have set aside in my heart to say Thank U to the Lord for all he's done for me and my family. I'm thankful everyday but I will focus on being thankful versus asking for personal blessings.

Eight months ago I was at a crossroad. My son and my wife both fighting for their respective lives. I was going from hospital to hospital twenty four hours a day. I will blog on this experience in detail the rest of this week. What I'll ask U to do is to leave your thanks ( testimony) and gratitude, and appreciation for what God has done for U and your family. My God I am grateful. Thank U for the Comforter, Thank U for The Power Of The Blood, Thank U For The Lamb Of God (Jesus).

Sunday, April 09, 2006

Today Was A Good Day!

Woke up at 5am and got some prayer in. Went to the gym, worked out and later went to visit a friends Church. (CrossRoads in Manteca, Ca). It was a dedication service. They have a new building. Better than the new building was the love of God in the building. Good people. (God people). A refection of Godly leadership. Baseball is off and rolling! Go A's!! Go Giants!! Go Braves!!
A Good Day.

Friday, April 07, 2006


All I can say is, "sidekick3"! Man, I got to have it. For now the
special edition "clear" sidekick 2 will have to do!
From my sidekick

Thursday, April 06, 2006

To Dance With My Father Again

I saw my Dad a couple of weeks ago. I love him beyond words. He and my Mom divorced when I was five or six years old. I still remember how I used sit as close to him as I could when I rode in his Grand Prix. It's funny how clear my emotions where at that age. When we left my Dad I was so heartbroke. I was a Daddies boy. My Dad inspired me to dance. I loved to see him dance. When he danced he was happy. When I dance I'm happy.

I wish I could get the moments in time back that I missed with him. I'm a grown man who's still a Daddies boy. I watched my Dad become a complete man over the years. He not only did his best to take care of us, but he took care of his sisters and brothers well into adulthood after my Grandmother passed. I know where I got my love and burden for humanity from. Anyone who knows my Dad says the same thing, he's a good man.

I love my kids the way he loved us. Even though the marriage didn't workout, I still had the greatest Father because he poured his heart into mind. A couple of years ago on his Birthday we danced together. Now I just want to dance with my Father again. These thoughts were inspired by Luther Vandross's song, "Dance With My Father".

Monday, April 03, 2006


I was finishing up a good work out at the gym, jumped in the Hummer and headed to the freeway. I got on the freeway and noticed a car was riding rather close to my bumper. I sped up and so did he. Next thing you know the car pulls along side me on the freeway and I can see the driver is a young, curly headed, teenage looking kid and he's waving a tape. I somehow see his eyes and in his eyes I see his soul, so I pulled over on the freeway. He got out his car came up to my window and said, "MC Hammer would U please listen to my demo?" I told him to write his number down and good or bad I would call him and give him my feed back. I pulled off and stuck his tape in. What I heard made me smile. He was singing a Boyz To Men song and singing all the parts and doing an excellent job! When I got home I called him and said that I would take him under my wing and help develop his gift. He is one of the best pure singers I've ever heard! What a voice! And the soulfulness is amazing! I explained to JD from the beginning that it would take a few years to do this right. That in the music business there is reverse racism. Hip Hop is the dominate genre and a lot of executives would be afraid to market a young, handsome, soulful White kid from a small country town. Over the years JD worked hard and learned how to record and capture his gift on record. There isn't five better vocalist than JD in the music business. His life has dealt him a lot of pain. His father is a veteran and was told a few years ago he might not have long to live. Three years ago his only brother was hit and killed by a car while walking in the street. JD is the last of a special breed. A good man. He's my little brother. The notes he sings and the end of "Get2NO U" he did in one take. What a singer. I'm honored to give you, JD Greer.

Sunday, April 02, 2006

Opposites Attract/ The Look Lounge

It's unnatural to suppress thoughts of love and sex. I refuse to pretend and or deny that which is as common (normal) to me as wet is to water. I love the beauty and sexiness of women. God knows what he created when he made woman. He made her to complete man. In other words, a man without a woman is not a whole man. Note: (This isn't a sexual orientation debate, I'm speaking on what I know and I have no experience in homosexuality, but I'm a certified expert (MY WIFE SAYS SO!) in loving and knowing women).

I find beauty in women of all sizes, shapes and cultures. The real turn on is intellect, spirit and confidence, but the initial attraction is visual. If the intellect, spirit and self confidence doesn't live up to the visuals then it's not gonna work out. What's on the inside determines the ultimate sexual experience. In other words it's impossible to make "love" without knowing the person intimately and in depth that you are making "out" with. Everything short of love making, falls short of complete satisfaction. That's why you go from person to person because you are only achieving temporary physical satisfaction. That's a cycle that never ends until you find love. Getting to know someone is mandatory if, "making love and being loved" is the goal. When U love someone the love making never gets old.

In order to find love, U first have to learn how to "love yourself". When U go from person to person, it's a sign that U lack a certain level of "love of self".

I know more men who are whores than women. With men we apply a different set of standards. Make no mistake if you are a man sleeping with multiple women you are a straight up whore! (I been there). And more than likely you are insecure and have not yet learned to love yourself. When U hear songs from The "Look Lounge" my point of few is always from the love perspective. Empty sex, is the foundation of a lonely "empty life". We will continue this conversation in the "Look Lounge" but for now more "grown man" lyrics of seduction from the song Get2NOU.

verse 2

MC Hammer featuring "JD Greer and Pleasure Ellis"

I do all tricks/U just speak it from your lips
I use all of this/I do both lips
I like to take it easy/everything fit
Grade A baby/ r u ready for this?
My love run deep/I'm the one that U keep
My intellect deep/but I'm still your freak
You wanna get with me/than U best not sleep
I know all your friends/ and they be peepin' at me
But I'm wait'n on U/so baby make your move
I can see your smile /from across the room
I can see your face/I can see U in lace
I can see us having dinner/and we saying are grace
I'm a new man/ I been saved by grace
I changed my ways/and I slowed my pace
All of this is possible/it ain't no game
I need to get 2 know U baby/tell me your name

Pleasure Ellis: True Story

One day I was sitting at home relaxing and the phone rang. The voice on the other end was a high pitched fast talking young man. He was nervous but sincere. He said, "MC Hammer I can sing and I need you to hear me." I replied, "Who is this? And how did U get my home number?" He said, "My name is Pleasure, I live in Wichita, Kansas, and I was wondering if U would help me with my dream of becoming a recording star." I was impressed with his ability to hustle up my home number (now that's resourceful!). I told Pleasure to send me his demo and I would get back to him after I've heard it.

Well, I got the demo in the mail and I like what I heard. He was raw, and needed grooming and artist development but I saw and heard a diamond in the rough. Although at the time I was concentrating on my ministry, I new I could provide Pleasure the artist development and leadership he needed. So I sent him a plane ticket and moved him to California and began the process.

To my surprise Pleasure was a tireless pupil. He would work hard on the dances and he would rehearse and sing all day long. Each year he got better and better at comprehending the art of recording and performing. I took him around the world with me and put him on stage in front of hundreds of thousands. He became infallible. The crowds in every country loved him! He has that special "it." He is ready and now I will introduce him to the world. He has a heart for the people and his songs will move U. I will soon release his album, "The Pleasure Principle".

His journey begins this week as he is co-featured on the video for the song "Get2NOU", from The Look3X digital music project. I am elated and filled will joy to watch the launch of an artist that has so much to give to the world. I give U, "Pleasure Ellis"!!!