Monday, April 03, 2006


I was finishing up a good work out at the gym, jumped in the Hummer and headed to the freeway. I got on the freeway and noticed a car was riding rather close to my bumper. I sped up and so did he. Next thing you know the car pulls along side me on the freeway and I can see the driver is a young, curly headed, teenage looking kid and he's waving a tape. I somehow see his eyes and in his eyes I see his soul, so I pulled over on the freeway. He got out his car came up to my window and said, "MC Hammer would U please listen to my demo?" I told him to write his number down and good or bad I would call him and give him my feed back. I pulled off and stuck his tape in. What I heard made me smile. He was singing a Boyz To Men song and singing all the parts and doing an excellent job! When I got home I called him and said that I would take him under my wing and help develop his gift. He is one of the best pure singers I've ever heard! What a voice! And the soulfulness is amazing! I explained to JD from the beginning that it would take a few years to do this right. That in the music business there is reverse racism. Hip Hop is the dominate genre and a lot of executives would be afraid to market a young, handsome, soulful White kid from a small country town. Over the years JD worked hard and learned how to record and capture his gift on record. There isn't five better vocalist than JD in the music business. His life has dealt him a lot of pain. His father is a veteran and was told a few years ago he might not have long to live. Three years ago his only brother was hit and killed by a car while walking in the street. JD is the last of a special breed. A good man. He's my little brother. The notes he sings and the end of "Get2NO U" he did in one take. What a singer. I'm honored to give you, JD Greer.


nicole said...

Wow, another person whose career has been launched by Hammer!

It's really refreshing to hear that you're willing to give those just starting out a shot at realizing their aspirations... :)

North said...

I echo ngregory's sentiments MC!! Amazing man you are; and what a hope you give to young musicians out there!!

I was quite touched you visited my blog yesterday, and posted on many of them!! Made my day; to have your visit, MC..

God Bless, and keep you safe, happy and IN our lives.


burism said...


"The Rake" said...

Thanks Hammer - Always enjoy stopping by to catch up on the west coast happenings.

doubleknot said...

How can I say this - you must have been moved by a higher power because I certainly wouldn't have pulled over for a stranger.

I am glad it worked out and that the young man was will to stick with it and work hard to reach his goals.

Nightmare said...

Yo Hammer.

Just wanted to drop you a note. I miss the pants, can you try and bring that fashion back?

yellowsubterfuge said...

Only if the real business world operated based on seeing people's souls through their eyes... U are a lot like Mohammed only you aren't a prophet, and you're rhymes aren't as rever'd as the Koran, and he probably has more money than you, and probably more followers, oh yeah, and people aren't blowing themselves up in your name, but, hammertime is still alive in my soul, through my eyes.
I am also glad U are furthering the cause of correct English usage in your blog with your cute, trite shortcuts (ie. U=you and 2=to, very clever). That worked for you in the eightees, and it is still working great today.
I posted about your blog on my blog here:

--the yellowsubterfuge

BakaGaijin252 said...

Cool! It's nice how you can just make friends like that. And by the way, if you're looking for an insane reggae singer for your album, I can help. ^_^

Ava said...

Glad to hear you do that.

Made me smile.


North said...

Well, ya got a lot of us hyped for your tracks, MC!! WE be waitin' on yo sounds, yo groove, and ya smooth-move!! (hope I didn't sound ridiculous at my "go at" jive-talkin'? )blush!)

I AM, and always will BE; that/this born in the mid-50's gal; and I ain't proud o' that; but some days; am fascinated by how quickly 49 years can go!;

and as I face becoming half one hundred frickin' years old, this summer; what I have done, what I have failed to do,

I wanna ask just one question?

"Can I have another go, I think I slipped at the start of the get-go"?

Dear God; please hear this; let me dance at least ONCE to the full CD!! OK< one full song; can I, can I, if I beg? lol

This ol' gal, hasn't tripped the lights fandango on the dance flo of movers and groovers, in a while; and well, rusty is a compassionate word, I'll choose to use(for now, sake.)

I'm lookin forward to Pleasure's presence; he looks quite humble, in his feet, compared to JD;

and I know that comparing "character" just isn't fair; BUT, I'm just stating old-girl eyes critic-view on picture-presentation; and well, I can't be condemned for that; only taken to task;

to me - flam-bouyance fades & is a repetitive shadow of same; humbleness is eternal, begotten. : ) search deep y'all.(Tao)

"be loosed not, thy tongue(gentle smile.) er'else it come back to snap at ye." you can quote me on an arm-chair critic(silly smiles)referee.

MC< sorry for the length of my chatter; but, a good mood found me, well.


North said...

Oh, by dancin' to the CD, I meant in mY OWN< living room!!


I wouldn't dare dance in public!!

my son thinks I look hilarious trying to dance, b/c it's a-la Joplin, 69's era; but, bent over in pain(back problemo), dancin' anyway, b/c it becomes a "cause" to take that pause to let it out, no matter what the cost, to the person's-body-boss!!



pocopina said...

please hammer,

don't hurt me.

love, scatman

theorymaster said...

Hammer, you are really an inspiration for the younger people. By giving youngesters a chance to make a mark, you are shaping their whole lives. Keep up the good work.

Anonymous said...


Giving back is one of the most important things you can do. Well done!

Fisso said...


Andrew Young said...

I have searched high and low on-line for pictures of the mansion in fremont. Sorry, if this is a touchy subject. Was it featured in a magazine? Do you have any pictures? Either way I am enjoying your blog! God bless!

thomas said...

I Wan't the MC HAMMER OF THE 1990
Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'em

thomas said...


thomas said...


Ashburnite said...

wow, Hammer...I really admire that you stopped and gave this kid a chance. Most celebrities wouldn't have given him the time of day.

Phil said...

Thomas - the Hammer of 1990 is just where you left 1990. Why would Hammer want to do something he's already done? I can't speak for Hammer, but my guess is he wants to push the music to another level.

He's not competing against himself. Hammer never left and there's no sense in doing something that he's already done.

Jamire said...

miss those hammer steps.
safecutt says

thomas said...

Dear Phil,
thank you to answer me, but i think that the level of the style is one, i'm a big fun of Hammer, and i think that the great style of MC HAMMER was in 1990.
Sorry for my english i'm italian.
Thank you all.

Phil said...

I agree Thomas - and the english isn't bad at all!

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Wendy Day said...

Good for you to give him a chance. I recall a similar circumstance in my life where I listened to a demo that was so awesome, so inviting, and so deep that I had to take the artist under my wing and do all I could to help him. That artist was Eminem. Yes, there is reverse racism in urban music, but once he crosses into the pop world, the racism switches again--ie: Justin Timberlake. Hammer, if you'd like I can send Carlos Broady's number. He's been working on some incredible R&B tracks that he may be willing to lend to your efforts for JB, should you be looking for outside tracks. Much love!

Bandini said...

Hammer helped me launch a career in taco reporting.

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William T said...

For the video alone, if it's a head-to-head between JD and Pleasure, I think JD has win the first round ...

James P. said...

Stop...Hammer time!! This is great stuff. I was very excited to see you are back doing things. I miss the Hammer days. I remember when you and your boys use to dance all night at the Paladium Night Club and not get at any women, just dance. You have always deserved your blessings. Your big bro fan(Dr.Al) in San Antoinio was in South Africa telling me what a great person you are. Are still in contact with him? Keep up the good work and hopefully one day i will have time to do a weekly journal. I'm now living in South Africa we things are good. Oh yeah, JD Greer has great talent, just keep him humble. When i saw your new videos, i knew good times are back.

Songster said...


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alyceclover said...

Sammy Davis Jr said something once, about wanting to be able to play a part as a cowboy, not a black cowboy. This post got me to thinking about soulful voices, and JD certainly has that. There are a lot of homeless guys with fantastic voices and musical talents. They could use someone like you to discover them! I especially like the guitar playing Jamacian that sings Country & Western. (he'll do Marley & Springstien upon request)Some write songs and others have amazing talent playing bongo type drums.

DivaGrrl said...

I went to school with james and watched the new video when he brought it over to my girls house... he's a passionate guy.. he LOVES to sing.. if James could sing rather then talk, he would.

Awesome guys.

Your sweet for giving him the chance he deserves.

Kalonji said...

Dear MC and Co.,

Bless you all. I hope that the Spirit guides you to fulfilling your duties in this life. Thank you for paving the way for artists like myself. I have watched a couple of your videos and have seen the up and coming artists, J.D. Greer and Pleasure Ellis. I was just wondering if you all are serious. With all due respect, this recent art seems very gimicky. If this is the purpose, then you all are doing a great job, but I am very confused. Some of your lyrics include: "I am ready and able/ I'll dance on a table/ and swing from a cable." Please comment, ASAP.

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