Sunday, April 30, 2006

Sting And Hammer: Vegas (TigerJam)

Sting's concert was off the chain!! The crowd really enjoyed it, Chris
Tucker, Samuel Jackson, Jimmy Jam, Tiger Woods, Winky Wright...etc
We did party!! I'm so excited for JD Greer because Sting gave me his
blessing for JD and I to cover Roxanne!!! We will record it at the end
of this week.
This was my third year hosting Tigers after party for his Charity. I
love doing it for him and it's for a great cause. Tiger raises a lot of
money to help kids. Tiger is a great role model for the youth. Keep him
in your prayers for his dad.
From my sidekick


doubleknot said...

Thank you for helping Tiger Woods with his charity event. My mother has followed his carrier since he was young. I watch when I can and was sad he didn't win the Master's this year.
Sting - wow - love his music. Going to be interesting you covering Roxann.

Body Like Beyonce said...

How are you Hammer!

Im not new here. F.K.A BornAgain5683

Im trying to remember how that song goes...Roxanne???. I will look it up.

Body Like Beyonce said...

I listened to part of the song at and now I can recall Eddie Murphy singing it in one of his movies. Im interested in how your version will sound. Well, Im out. Have a great week!

nicole said...

I love Sting (these celebrity photos still have me star struck).

Sounds like you had an awesome time as usual! :)

Tinker said...

OMG! Hammer and Sting! Two of my most beloved musical stars in the whole world TOGETHER! Unbelievable. I saw Sting live in North Carolina...Chapel Hill in the late 80's. I have every CD he has ever put out. Hammer!? No one is better than Hammer. Dreamy! What is a girl to do?

Dtrik said...

sting is pretty good, but hammer is a bit better :P

North said...

Totally far out, MC!! Sting! Chris Tucker.. OHMy!! I am a fan of them both too.

Great, he liked JD!! Anxious for this all to be "opened" to the world, MC. countdown start..


Ava said...

Oh my gosh! I am so excited about you covering Roxanne!!! Totally cool and awesome!!! Sting is fabulous ... and so are you!! Can't wait to hear it.

So glad you are working with the charity. It means a lot to so many people. Power to you.


DivaGrrl said...

....James is gonna sound sweet singin Roxanne.

Kristen said...

How hot that Sting gave you the blessings to cover Roxanne- what a great song. Let Tiger know we are all thinking of him. How is Sammy?? I've been thinking of him!

ezb said...

it's crazy to say hammer time when all the time is hammer time! from dan lee in australia. great to find you on the blog!!

The Great One said...

Winky Wright is a good guy and one hell of a boxer. He's facing Jermain Taylor on June 16 for the World Middleweight Championship!

Greg said...

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synchronize001 said...

I'm not certain if The Hammer was actually perusing our humble CompUSA this evening, but I heard from others that was you. I wanted to point out that the charity you do is certainly quite admirable, and, well what else can I say, the Hammer Man rocks hardcore.


S said...

Hammer and Sting together in one room...Hmm sounds like a good collaboration idea.

On a secondary note: I am trying to get funding together for my Ph.D studies, but I'm running into a brick wall. Do you know anyone in showbiz that works one the philanthropic side for academics?
My topic is race/ethnicity and inclusion into society. Its an expansion of my previous Masters thesis work. Any help would be very much appreciated. Drop me a line on my blog or my e-mail at if something pops up in your mind.
Thanks again.

Stan D.

North said...

Stan, google philanthropy. Lots of links.


North said...

Much prayers and sympathy going out to Tiger and his family and friends; on the loss of his Dad!

May they be comforted with peace, love and hope.

May they derive a small comfort in knowing, that many of us, MC-are with him in spirit, prayer and love.

I told my son you met Sting, and Chris Tucker; and Samuel Jackson; well-he went through the roof!

So did I< but dont' tell no'one; as I BE an older lass; and it wasn't a pretty sight!(smiles n'giggles)hitting the ceiling like that!

prayes continuing for wee son, Sam!


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roxmarie said...

My name is Roxanne -- I was born with it and I first heard that song at 15 years old while home alone with the stereo blasting. Since that time, someone or other has sung it to me virtually every day. Did I say 15? Do the math baby, I've still got juice in me and so do you.

xo Rox

Golf Guru said...

Is this for real?

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