Tuesday, May 02, 2006

The Shoes Man!!!

These where sent to me as a gift from that hot custom sneaker cat Logan.
I told him I wanted Oakland A's colors and he did it big!
I gotta go match these with a hot fit man!!
One of a kind. Thanks Logan.

From my sidekick


nicole said...

WHAT??? These are CRAZY! I know people would give limbs for a pair like this. Good job! ;)

Michelle Ellen said...

Hammer, you rock.

North said...

Awesome footies!! I like the stained-glass effect of the style. totally Hammer-man one of a kinds; for a one-of-a-kind man!


Body Like Beyonce said...

Very Unique

F.K.A BornAgain5683

Greg said...

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SexyNinjaMonkey said...

Ok, please tell me how to get some shoes like this. We could use some more style here in aus.

logan real said...

this is logan real...just wanna thank hammer for putting me on his blog... www.loganreal.com is the website if anyone is interested.... god bless and thanks

logan real

Kristen said...

Logan, those kicks are tight. I might have to hit you up on the site to buy a pair for The Boyfriend. He'd go crazy for those!

bunmaster said...

Those are some sweet shoes man!

The Rev said...

I don't know... I think they'd look better in Phillies colors.

Dtrik said...

Noce kicks hammer looks good, alright I'm tired see ya later

Ava said...

Wow!!! Those are truly the coolest shoes I've ever seen!!! Very nice ... very nice.


Leon said...

Impressive. Love the broken tile look. Most yellow sneakers look lame but this is an exception.

Martin M. Fresquet said...

Hammer, I am Martin From Argentina, how much!!! Please, i need 1!

internum1 said...

Good shoes :). I want it!
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logan real said...

www.loganreal.com... please contact me at info@loganreal.com for orders...


Butchieboy said...

Those are tight, dude.

Marvie said...

I have a preemie also. My son was born 1lb 11 1/2oz on July 14. He now weighs around 19lbs. I thank god everyday for him. He spent 2 1/2 months in the hospital. Modern medicine is amazing!!! God Bless you and your family

MC Hammer said...

God is so good. I thank him everyday for my son. You are a blessed man.

Samuelwilliam said...

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wfhnow said...

Yo those shoes are nice...i never seen them shoes..i watch that shoe show on espn that show all the retro shoes but never seen the ones you on ur blog. What they say its all about the shoes

Ethanbenjamin said...

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Joshuathomas said...

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Williamethan said...

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Lizy said...

Havent seen such a gorgeous pair of shoes..looking gr8..some can spent any amount for such a pair of shoes..
Even me planning to get such a Gorgeous Pair very soon.

steffy said...

wow very good collection.This case is the best place for this shoes ,am searching for one like this.This make me confidence.Now i don't want to look for other option.

Fashion said...

great collections...absolutely superb.....pics are very cute and attractive...that should be Timberland shoes....I know coz i have been using like these.!!!!

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Cyrus said...

Wow!!! Those shoes looks very gorgeous and the color combination is also very unique.

battery said...

they are unique and look nice.

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