Thursday, May 04, 2006

National Day Of Prayer

Just finished hosting and speaking at our local "National Day Of
Prayer". The theme this year for the Nation is "America Honor God". The
scripture is 1 Sam 2:30 .. Those Who Honor Me, I will Honor. I invite
and challenge you all to define the word "honor" and then apply it to
"Honoring God" as this is key to God "Honoring" us.
From my sidekick


Body Like Beyonce said...

To me, honoring God means acknowledging or believing in him, and respecting him. And to think He honors me in the same way is is a beautiful thing.

F.K.A BornAgain5683

RCHAMMER said...

Honoring GOD to me is respecting HIM, working for HIM in HIS name, trust HIM, having faith in HIM, and not denying HIM.

North said...

Honouring God, is to:

lift UP< the lowest of the low among our race of humanbeings.

to embrace, the unbracable.

to forgive the unforgivable;

to enrich each other's lives by sharing and caring.

to encourage manfest of global peace, through our every thought-which makes our every action.

there are a million and more ways to Honour God, but ultimately..

Show God Honour, by thinking, Godness; and treating our bodies and minds and hearts; as God's Holy Temples!


CaliMarie said...

Hi, Hammer.

You don't know me, but you know someone close to cousin, Keyshia Cole.

I know you helped her out back in the day and I'm sending you a thanks just for being who you are.

I pray you have a lovely weekend.

Take care.

Ivan Rudakov said...

God to me means love instead of preaching hate. Something i feel Americans have forgotten.

For god so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son. Whomsoever beleive in him will not perish, but have eternal life.

nicole said...

I think that honoring God means acknowledging the fact he will be the one to judge others. Folks seem to have forgotten that none of us is without sin. Instead, we need to work on honoring each other instead of pointing fingers or laying blame on anyone else.

Sean M Whelan said...

Just stumbled across your blog, so good to see you're still banging away Hammer, like all good hammers should!
I've always been curious why you chose the name Hammer? Was it an easy decision or were there other tools you were attracted to as well?
As any good tradesman will tell you, you have to pick the right tool for the job. God did well in choosing you.
Keep up the good work Hammer.

Askinstoo said...
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doubleknot said...

Humility - not the whimp kind - but the kind that regonizes you don't know it all and are willing to learn. What higher honor could you give God then to be willing to learn from him - sometimes good - sometimes bad - but accepting.

James said...

What's the chance of deleting all those ads?? Askinstoo should be reported to the blog authority.

When are you going to properly honor God with a Christian Rap album?? You would dedicate one song off of each album to God, but you seem to miss that God should have been given Every song on an album. With your skills, it should have been a no-brainer.

Funny that a white guy from the South would have to point this out though, ain't it?? :D

MC Hammer said...

Thanks for your thoughts on honoring God and keep them coming.

Cali, You know I love Keisha,Nutty and Moms. She worked hard for her dreams and I'm proud to have
played a small part of guiding and being a friend to a little girl who had the heart and fire
of a lion.

stay tuned. It's going to happen.

RCHAMMER said...

It's gonna happen, I beleive!
Hammer Time!

Daniel said...

Just came across your blog and I have to comemnt. I was a big fan of your first two ablums back in the day and am glad to hear that you are doing good these days. May 4, 2006 Full Armor of the Spirit Christian club at Lakeland Community College put on the National Day of Prayer. The event went over well and it just felt really good getting the word of the Lord out to those willing to listen. God Bless Brother

James said...

I believe!!

Shortly after I got baptised back in '98, I looped three of your songs back to back & played them over & over again when I was feeling weak..."Pray", "Gaining Momentum", & "Don't Pass Me By". Those wonderworks got me through quite a few rough spots. "Gaining Momentum" wasn't designed to be a christian song I don't think...but there are few better ways to describe what is going on with a new christian on the road to a better life. Keep up the Good works and May God Bless you MC Hammer :)

RCHAMMER said...

I also like to play This is the Way We Roll, Find Yourself a Friend, and Count it Off along with the 3 you mentioned James. GOD bless "U" all!!!
Hammer out.

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Anonymous said...

the reason i love hammer is he tells the truth, honor God, ameriva needs to honor God, i love you hammer,

can u be part of this film hammer

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