Sunday, May 07, 2006

713 !!! Go Barry

With his lovely mother in attendance, Barry Bonds hit a majestic shot in Philly
that in spite of what came out of their mouths, (the sounds of shock and awe)
as a baseball fan you had to marvel at that beautiful, historic, explosive swing
and ponder the thought of how could a man who only sees two hittable pitches
a game have the patience and eye to select the pitch that he could drive out the
park and then execute it. Steroids can't do that. By the way I'm recruiting a bunch
of gym rats all confessed steroid users and I'm starting a new major league team,
any chance we'll win a game? Forget about it!

I'm proud of the strength of Barry's Mom as she sits and endures
the hate and envy that is showered on her son and yet she maintains
her poise and dignity. I know her heart hurts for her son and wonders
why he has been made the major league scape goat. I want her to know that
I am preparing to celebrate 714 and 715. I will pause and acknowledge how
far we have come as a country. I will remember the civil rights activist
and Dr. King. Jim Crow and gentrification will cross my mind. I'm a child
of the sixties so I've lived through a unique period in American history.
I will think of Jackie Robinson, Willie Mays and Hank Aaron.
Then will come a giggle and a laugh as I see the Babe's face.
The Babe and I will have a good laugh together because the Babe
lived life to the fullest and he would have grabbed a couple of women,
a six pack of beer and a half dozen steaks and invited
Barry out for a night on the town. The Babe loved hitters.
Barry Bonds is arguably, the greatest hitter ever!


Shafa said...

Hammer, I've not been much of a Barry fan as of late.

But then again, I didn't think about it from the perspectives you've been looking at it.

A new perspective, I think, is like getting a breath of fresh air...


Sylvia Hubbard said...

I believe every mother envies Barry's mom about now because that's a beautiful feeling to know the life you created is reaching great heights.

Thanks for the different viewpoint and you're so right. Something that natural cannot be obtained through chemicals or drugs. That's just all human. All natural. And the Lord's will.

let's go in the street and dance all night at 720. LOL

doubleknot said...

Still don't know that much about baseball but your post was very inspiring. I hope Mr. Bonds gets to continue to play.

North said...

Sharing in your joy, MC!!

Barry Bonds is a hitter!!

It takes a real good eye, to pick your ball!

Go Barry, go Barry!

Kudo's to his Mom-what an elegant lady! : )


Slappy said...

Yeah steroids has nothing to with his home runs. Or Sosas. Or McGuires. Just a coincidence that the 3 greatest home run hitters of their generation grew their muscles like have never been seen before in baseball history and all late in their career. Must be the shoes.

Shaun said...

Although Barry's performance enhancements are questionable -- he is a great hitter. I can't wait to see him beat Hank Aaron!

** Shaun **
My awesome blog:


The Rev said...

Someone has to be a voice of dissention here, respectfully.

I don't dislike Barry Bonds because of steroids. Whether he did or didn't is not the issue. I think all of baseball is to blame for that issue.

No, I root against Barry Bonds because he does not strike me as a very nice or decent man at all.

There is a story here in Philadelphia that he got to meet the guy who caught his home run ball #713 after the game in an arranged meeting. While he did pose for the picture with the fan, when the fan asked if he could autograph the baseball for him he refused.

That is weak. In a private meeting with a fan, he didn't have time to write his own name for him. Barry Bonds has a history of treating us fans with total disrespect well before this issue. Why should we treat him any differently than he has treated us?

You reap what you sow, and Barry has reaped this himself with his own attitude.

I do marvel at his feats though and respect his abilities tremendously. He may be the greatest hitter ever. I just don't think too highly of him personally.

GLJ said...

Looking forward to seeing him break the record

Jay Scott said...

no doubt Bonds is one of the greats, but what about the batting average? the Ranger's Michael Young is hitting .354! you gotta give props to the average

tjeanise said...

Man I love you!!! Keep on doing what you doing and make sure you keep dancin-can't nobody step with you!!!!!!

Basketball Princess said...

Hey hammer I'm glad your miracle baby is doing live and well. I have a blog on this site too, and was just doing the next blog thing at the top and came across your blog. Wow! Well if you ever wanna talk basketball then I'll be back.

Love Alway and God bless
Basketball Princess

marcdark said...

Hank Aaron is the man who had the hammer, Barry Bonds will not surpass his record.

And Barry Bonds went thru nothing comapared to what Hammerin Hank went thru to achieve 755.

The only time 2nd place pays is in a horse race.

This moving from 3rd to 2nd means nothing

Ret USMC Gunny said...

I concur with the remarks of "Smokin' Steve." Barry Bonds doesn't come across as a decent person or a good sport, and his detractors have plenty of reason to dislike him - he's the stereotypical condescending spoiled athlete. Granted he's been blessed with talent, but some HUMILITY would do him wonders. His mother should have taken off her shoe a few times in his youth, by my best guess.

subbasement said...

Well, ladies and gentlemen, it may be true that the Bambino did it on beer and hotdogs and not on 'roids. Although to say that the steroids do not influence performance is ridiculous. Ben Johnson lost the gold medal for Canada due to taking steroids: "a performance enhancing drug". The key word is peformance enhancing. Hank Aaron was a truly classy player who didn't take steroids and treated people well. And I agree with the other person who talked about Barry Bond's attitude which is as over inflated as his arms.

Boo to Bonds and long live Hank Aaron.

Peace, Sub-Basement

wfhnow said...

Well bonds didnt do it tonite hammer:) I really cant wait to see him break babes record. Do you think he will break hank arons record? thats about 40 plus more home runs. its possible however he will have to come back next year.. great blog most bookmark it...

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