Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Sammy is awake and playing.
From my sidekick


Phil said...

Awesome! Go Sammy!

There is no better feeling of 'relief' than knowing your child is healthy and OK.

Buffy said...

He's so precious.

I want him.

DivaGrrl said...

Handsome lil guy.
(don't u love sending pics from ur sidekick?) i found a new addiction... flooding blogs with pictures...

Sammy's cute when he first wakes up. ha... bless his heart.

Susan said...

I just found your blog and I'm like no, this can't really be MC Hammer. But I believe it is. I am reading back a few posts and hope that your son is okay. I will be praying for you and your family while I catch up on what I missed.

:) Have a blessed day!


SuLee said...

may god be wiht ur lil angel..

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Jimmy Jangles said...

Hammer, you got a lil fighter there!

Been following this blog for a month or so now but can't figure - can you please explain what 'from my side kick' means?



BlackCalvinist said...

The sidekick is an electronic handheld device used for text messaging, phone calls, personal organizer and draining the money out of people's bank accounts.... oh wait, that's what happens at the time you get a sidekick.

Go Sammy!

nicole said...

Look at HIM!!!

Awake and fiesty like nothing ever happened. Glad to see him enjoying life like babies do. :)


What a beautiful child. Isn't it amazing how the brightness in their eyes can totally transform everything?

Dtrik said...

sounds like you've been through a lot, at the end of the day you need to kick back grab a coke, and watch a little T.V. to unwind. Sometimes when I'm stressed I just drive, and listen to music it always seems to get my mind off what's gonig on just drive and concentrate on the music. Hope all goes well for Sammy. Glad to see he is alright.


Ava said...

He looks happy in these pictures.

What a brave little boy!!

Glad to see he's fiesty and full of energy.

North said...

Dear MC,

Sammy has his Daddy's fighting Spirit!!

So very sorry to hear the wee lad has to endure such scary health scares, so early in his life!

MC, Sammy, you and the wife; and kids are in my daily prayers...

Much Love, Blessings,


Kristen said...

It's good to see Sammy is feisty and playing! Go Sammy. And by the way, he is PRECIOUS!

Christina said...

Just found your blog, and I wanted to say your son is adorable. His eyes are just so bright and full of life. I hope all goes well and he is healthy soon.

Shafa said...

Glad to see the little guy is on the mend.

And boy does he ever have your eyes!

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