Wednesday, April 19, 2006


It's been a long day. Sammy was in an ambulance and flown to a hospital.
I'm glad I was home to be by his side and hold and hug him. This was the
first time, since he's been home, that we have had a scare like this. I
noticed that he had a little swelling in his soft spot at the top of his
head and when we took him in, it escalated to a full blown emergency.
Sammy was fiesty and he was uncomfortable with all the strangers and boy
did he fight them off! All the test so far are negative and Sammy is
resting. He ate and fell to sleep. His mom is doing great. No woman( or
man) should have to go through this alone. Were fine.
Keep Sam in your prayers.
From my sidekick


doubleknot said...

Oh poor Sammy. I am so glad that the test were negative. Glad to hear that Mom and Dad are doing OK also. You are never alone you know.
We are having sickness in our family also right now. Steph is eight months pregnant and has been in the hospital three times now. Last night we learned she has fluid on the lungs and around her heart. The baby seems to be doing alright so far. I put this on a post but am asking for prayers and positive thoughts for this brave young lady.

*`~grrligrrl~`* said...

Glad to hear his test were negative. Hope he gets out of hte hospital soon. Keep your spirits up!

DivaGrrl said...
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DivaGrrl said...
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nicole said...

Aww, I'm so sorry to hear that this day has been so hard on you and Sammy! I'm glad to hear that he's resting now and I'll definitely keep him in my prayers!

n8ivwarrior said...

He is in my prayers. I am sure he will be fine.

Ava said...

I'm so sorry to hear of this but glad the test was negative.

What a scare. They are so helpless at that age. You were very wise to get him right in like that.

You all will be in my prayers and thoughts.

Lean on eachother. Like you said ... don't go through it alone. She needs you and you need her.

Her Bad Mother said...

I appreciate your shout-out to his mom - *no* woman, no mother, should have to go through this alone. But nor should any dad.

You have a lovely little boy.

North said...

Dear MC and Family!

Joining with you all, in prayers for Sam!! May the Universe conspire to heal Sammy of all ills; setting him on a path to pure health!!

MC, I"m a single Mama, and my son's kidney shut down at age 13, just a short 4 years ago. I went though the whole thing with him, alone.

It was a nightmare, to say the least...

I am so glad, your wife has YOU, by her side...


Spill The Beans said...

My thoughts are with you and your wife, our babies are so percious, and something harming them is every parent's worst nightmare.

kfk said...

He looks like an angel and sounds like a fighter from your previous posts.

lalakante said...

What a little sweetie. I hope he gets better soon. Hang in there.

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