Thursday, April 13, 2006

Miracle: He Never Quit

This is Samuel LJ Burrell,
My son. Born one pound and eleven ounces. Three months in the hospital.
He fought off death from the womb. He stopped breathing a 100 times and
100 times God commanded life back into him. 100% healthy today. I'm so
Thankful. He is my joy! Thankful, Thankful, Thankful!
Abba Father
From my sidekick


Alan MacEachern said...
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Ava said...

What a beautiful baby boy, Hammer. You are so blessed. These precious spirits are trusted to our care. What a heart wrenching experience for you as a father and for her as a mother. So tiny! So helpless. God commanded life back into him so many times for a reason. He is going to bless your life and you are going to bless his. This is a miracle. I will give thanks and offer prayers as well.


Alan MacEachern said...

your child must be a real fighter!
you've got a great blog here with some cracking humour and true emotion...

BREEZY BAY B said...

very blessed you are....My son died i had to have my labor enduced when i was 7months pregnant, on top of that i have had two more after and cannot seem to keep them. Everything happends or a reason i guess, God has bigger plans for me. I wish your son all the good health.

nicole said...

It's amazing that little babies with such little bodies can be signs of such obvious miracles. I'm so glad that he made it through okay. :)

gracie said...

Praise... thankfulness... words that seem so inadequate in the face of emotion that is beyond words - especially when it comes to children and the miracle they are.
Samuel - a name God has been known to speak out loud!

North said...

Dear MC; congratulations to you and your wife; on this gift of Samuel!

Precious, precious love of life.


Shane said...


You have a beautful baby. :)


Soulfull said...

Congratulations! He is just as sweet as he can be! :)

doubleknot said...

Such a will to live. I am sure he felt his father and mother's love and prayers.

Diabolik_Danny said...

Damn pimpin'

Miss Scarlet said...

Congratulations on a healthy baby. I don't know if you are already involved in the March of Dimes, but, its a great way to help others who have been in similar situations have a wonderful outcome as well. You have an absolutely beautiful baby. Best of luck.

BE YOUR BEST said...

GOD IS AN AWESOME GOD. This is a powerful testimony of the God's Healing Power. I have seen pics of your son on your blog. To God Be the Glory. I am impacted about hearing another story of God's who is all powerful, all knowing, and who is everywhere. God loves hard!!!!

stadiumk said...

Samuel teaches us to keep on, keepin on! Congratulations to you and your family.

doubleknot said...

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter.

Michal said...

Congratulation, Stanley, to you nice baby. Thank you for bringing such a nice children to world (-:

clericalspecialist31 said...

Hallelujah! Praise God for His continuing miracles!!!!

Jennifer said...

What a wonderful Easter gift! Your son is beautiful. Congrats!

Suprina said...

I pray your son and your wife will continue to be testimonies of God's goodness.

Stewart M. said...

What a beautiful boy! Great blog, by the way.

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Justin Anderson aka Dj Hype said...

Cute kid!!! Anny nic names yet?

zTransmissions said...

wow, i'm really really happy for you. congratulations on your gorgeous son

Mikestar said...

Awesome, Congratulations on your son! God doesn't lie, if God says something, He'll do it! Nothing is too hard for Him. God is the healer and restorer - thats one reason of many that I serve an awesome God!

More power to ya!

Buffy said...

I actually cried when I read this...and I don't cry.

You know...he looks like a miracle.

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