Friday, April 07, 2006


All I can say is, "sidekick3"! Man, I got to have it. For now the
special edition "clear" sidekick 2 will have to do!
From my sidekick


nicole said...

So you're addicted to technology too, huh? ;)

I did eyeball the Sidekick at one point. That's when I was still with T-Mobile.

I'm sure when the Sidekick 3 is officially released you'll be the first one to have it. I mean, I haven't even SEEN the clear Sidekick 2!

BakaGaijin252 said...

Is that you and William Hung? Sorry, I don't know anything, lol.

Ralph said...

Enjoy the clear SKII.

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Greg said...

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DOD Fire Fighter said...

Yeah I feel you Hammer, when I was traveling through Dubai about 8 months ago I bought the Microsoft PDA2K to use as a phone here in Iraq. That set me back $800.

DOD Fire Fighter said...

Also Hammer, to get rid of these SPAM posters on your blog (I see you already have 2 already on this post) you can set up the comments so that we have to type a small code of letters and numbers before our comment gets logged. You shouldn't have a problem with SPAM comments after that.

Soulfull said...

Hey Hammer!
Funny, I was just in the T-mobile store yesterday and I almost bought the Sidekick II, but settled for the MDA. I'll have to keep my eyes out for that SK3.

Todd said...

please hammer, don't hurt 'em!!

Deblogger said...

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subbasement said...

I think it is interesting that we can be addicted to technology. I have a palm organizer and it is slightly addictive for me. I think that this new wave of technology can really limit us. Currently I am a supply teacher and I see so many students wired into technology; the MP3 player, Ipod, or whatever is constantly playing in their ears. In many respects this represents a growing separation from our fellow person and our spirituality. While some people think that we are becoming closer through "globalization", I on the other hand think we are becoming disconnected to our fellow person. It is time to get back to our roots. Do you even know your neighbors? And to think, all of this derived from Hammer wanting another "Sidekick". I want my sidekick to be my brothers and sisters. It is time for Harmony.

Peace, Sub-B

Briarwood Productions said...

lets see the clear sidekick ....or was that just a joke

LinuxGold said...

Mind sharing your insight (only opinion, nothing technical) about sidekick 3 that you might have seen from inside?

sincere_21e said...

Hey Hammer, I been a fan of yours since day 1 and im a T-mobile customer also. I know it's better for a celeb it get all the inside news. But to help your fans, can you give us a little insite. What do you know about the sidekick 3 and your special clear edition is only 4 you or was it cusome made. Keep being hammer and live strong.

Best Regards


Soulfull said...

Hey Hammer & friends,

You can get a look at the new sidekick 3 here...

Anonymous said...

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