Friday, July 21, 2006

Vacation: NY

We are winding up the family vacation in NY and headed back to Cali. The
kids loved NY! Tomorrow they (the boys) start football for the next four
months. Stanley Jr. celebrated his 11th birthday on Thursday. Next up
Sammy whom will be one year August 11th.

From my sidekick

Monday, July 17, 2006

Calgary Show: Canada

We just returned from Calgary, Canada where we did the all girls, "Hammer Dancers Show"!
My girls put it down! Non stop, one hour plus! Let's Get Started..Turn This Mutha Out.. 2 Legit....Pumps and a Bump...I Got It From The Town... Hyphy Dumb.....WestCoast Cha..Pray.. Goin Up yonder...Keep On.. HammerTime...U Can't touch This and more... We are fine tuning the show but we ready to blow!!! The dancing is bananas and Pleasure Ellis is killing it on the vocals... Back To Work! Next up, The video for the Scott Storch produced, "HammerTime" featuring Nox.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tour and Show Training

I'm feeling real good about my workouts and dancing. My legs and abs (core) are super strong and my back is nice and hard. I breath smoothly on all my moves and still execute with power.
The extra muscle on my chest makes the upper body movement stand out. The chest is key in a lot of current styles. I'll be shooting a few new videos over the next month and I can't wait to un leash the fury and grace! I've also been riding my bike to work my thighs, joints, and knees and I really love the tranquility when I ride the back streets. It's showtime!

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Skypecast on USA Today Story: 7pm (PDT)

I will host a Skypecast tonite at 7pm(PDT) on the article by Kevin Maney in todays USA Today tech section. Subjects include Revver, Skype, Orkut, Look3X digital album and the Look Communties. click here to join Skypecast.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Skypecast Today 4pm (PDT): Discuss Look3X

I will host a Skypecast today at 4pm (PDT) and talk about the entire Look3X digital project that was released on Itunes today including the new social networks (communities) built for the album.
click here to join the Skypecast.

Look Look Look: At ITunes Today!!! 4th Of July!!!

The record for HamFams (Hammer Fans Family) is now at Itunes.
Enjoy The music. Email at to receive an invite into the new communities that support the album.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Skypecast Tonite 7pm pst.

I will be hosting a skypecast tonite at 7pm (pst). The subject is, "What Happened To Our Hood?"
taken from the song title of the same name from the, "Look, Look, Look" digital album. We will be discussing the rampant violence and death in the inner city and what we can do to help. The new digital album is out tonite at midnite at Itunes. HamFams (Hammer Fan Family) Get the album and also be first to post your review,love and support.
click here to join the Skypecast.


Sunday, July 02, 2006

Art Of The Dance: Reviewed

What a good feeling to see that everywhere I look, no matter what name they put on it, everybody's dancing! In the Bay Area we "goin' dumb", "thizz'n", and gettin' "hyphy". In LA they "krump'n" and gettin' "buck". The dirty South they doin the "snap dance". The west coast dances have evolved from the emotions and culture of the environment.

One "goes dumb" because he can escape the reality of feeling abandoned and left out from a society that isn't addressing his pain and frustration. The lack of hope, opportunity and employment eats at a man's conscience and psyche like maggots on the dead. My value and contribution to family and community is found in my ability to provide for my family and support the community with resources. I escape the pressures of this reality momentarily in my dance. In the dance I let go and I'm free.

I express myself. My dreads, my bald head, and my grill are a part of me. They are not "me" because I am not what I wear. They are to me as war paint is to a warrior. My dance is my cry. Feel my power and yet witness my grace. I speak through the dance.

I am not being heard but hopefully I will be seen. My movement is a call to action. The quiet before the storm. I "go dumb" to echo the voices that are saying we will not be denied. I lead the charge like an Elder should. I understand. There is no age requirement or limit and no respect of persons to this dance. If you relate to the conditions and recognize the symptoms join in. I'm hyphy. Hyper. I can't stop moving.

That's why here in the Bay we say, "do it movin". There is no time to sit still and allow the world to move and walk on me. When you see me, "goin' dumb" with my brothers and sisters I am saying I relate and I am here to support and bridge the gap. All gaps. Race, religion, purpose and missions.

The art of the dance is in the imperfections. It is in these moments of correction that we are made whole. We practice and communicate to iron out the problems and challenges. I MC Hammer am back dancing because the world needs to dance and Hip Hop needs leadership. No leadership is like no father. Wisdom comes from living life. Life in this time has grown more complex and the world has become more violent.

Through the dance of life we can communicate, embrace and understand one another. The dance brings us closer together. I purposely released the first video from my upcoming album, "Look, Look, Look"(Look3x) as organized pandemonium rather than a choreographed music video. It reflects the times and mind frame. In the freedom that is free style dance is where I see the real you. I love to let the art of the dance be spontaneous. There is no wrong move. Do you. We "goin' dumb". Just express yourself. Get it out.

This is the first leg in an eighteen song journey that will take you places you have not gone before. This is the warm up and the stretch. The depth and heart of the album comes later. Prepare your mind and your heart and I promise you there is no way you can leave this project without being affected and changed for the better.

I will bridge the gaps through music, video, blogs, melody and dance. We will communicate one with another. There will be communities to support the four chapters that make up the album. The video "Look" (see both "Look" videos: Look 3x, Look 3x/Dance Solo) is taken from the Club Look chapter of the album and is the sound of the crashing symbols and the blowing of the trumpets saying, "Here We Come and Here Comes The Hammer."

I am physically as well as mentally and spiritually prepared for this mission. It was a long time in preparation and now is the time to release my algorithm that is ,"Look, Look, Look" (Look3x).

The engine and power of the movement is the blog. The blog will allow us to link hand in hand, one to another. Even those who are not Hammer Fans but appreciate blogging's empowerment are welcomed supporters. The blog is our commonality. My goal is to connect with Hammer Fans. Make new Hammer friends and meet with like minds. Those who believe in God, family and community. Through the blog I will eliminate sensationalism. You will have access to my many thoughts and truly get to know me without an intermediate.

Video on demand will allow you to see my art, my life and work on demand and without the infection of those who have hidden agendas. This is the revolution and it is on demand. There is no stopping this movement and you can't contain it. The music was built from the vibrations and the call of the people.

We will dance.

There will be many steps in this dance. Learn the movements. Respect my get down. Notice the strength of the women in these videos. See the joy of the kids. The young man at the end of the first "Look" video is my ten year old son Stanley Burrell Jr. I turn them loose and lift them up. They are strong and beautiful. I applaud their strengths and I create an environment that focuses on their gifts. When I launch The Look Tour you will witness what the power of music, dance, technology, God and community truly is on another level. Witness the maturation of Hip Hop.

I won't be just performing but we together will be celebrating the Art Of The Dance.