Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Skypecast Today 4pm (PDT): Discuss Look3X

I will host a Skypecast today at 4pm (PDT) and talk about the entire Look3X digital project that was released on Itunes today including the new social networks (communities) built for the album.
click here to join the Skypecast.


CK said...

I used to be a HUGE fan of yours. Have at one point owned all of your albums (though I didn't buy the one where you went hard core rap). Even saw you live (smacked you on the arm as you went through the crowd) in concert for your 2 Legit tour.

From the 30 second sound clips this sounds a lot like your early albums (before you became real popular) but with the hint of the "hard core" part from your last album.

I plan on looking around your blog to see what the Hammer of 2006 is like. I like the "U Can't Touch This" and "2 Legit 2 Quit" version, and was ok with the pre-"U Can't Touch This" version.

Maybe you could reply about what the former Hammer fan could expect from you today....

God Bless.

CK said...

Well this is a bit off topic... but I am curious to how your son and wife are? I see in an older post they were struggling for, as you put it, their lifes.

God Bless.

MC Hammer said...

the new album is at Itunes, get the album and join the skypecast and email me here and I will invite U into the new communities bult for the album.

Anita said...

Hammer I finally figured out how Itunes work. So I'm downloading the album as I type this. Can't wait to hear the rest of the album, just from listening from your myspace page my favorite is YAY. I even started writing some of the lyrics to that one. I will email u soon.


William T said...

Just from listening to the samples at itunes my favorite track is HammerTime. But I can't tell until I hear the whole album ...

I've borrowed an itunes account from my friend but since I am in HK I can't still buy the album. Obviously the system has checked my ip address and my purchase is rejected. And that's confirmed by my friend who's working at Apple.

Dang !!!!! Steve Jobs can you hear me ?

William T

MC Hammer said...

William T,
U Know I love U Man!!!

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