Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Tour and Show Training

I'm feeling real good about my workouts and dancing. My legs and abs (core) are super strong and my back is nice and hard. I breath smoothly on all my moves and still execute with power.
The extra muscle on my chest makes the upper body movement stand out. The chest is key in a lot of current styles. I'll be shooting a few new videos over the next month and I can't wait to un leash the fury and grace! I've also been riding my bike to work my thighs, joints, and knees and I really love the tranquility when I ride the back streets. It's showtime!


William T said...


How do you compare your physique to yourself from the 2-legit days? You used to be very lean (with a lot of muscles) and now you look a little bigger.

You mentioned that you did full-body days. So any rest days in between your routine? Are you running a lot?

William T

Anita said...

Hey there Hammer, glad 2 hear that ur training getting ready 4 the big Tour!!! Cause I know I can't wait for that.

As far as the videos go, will u be releasing them on varies networks or will they only be released through the internet?

Cause I would love 4 everybody to be able to experience the Look Movement too!

Thanks 4 getting ready 4 us, we'll be waiting.


Evadne said...

Hi SB,
I am glad to hear you are working out getting in shape. I know touring takes a lot of energy.
I also have been on the exercise craze lately. It feels so good.
My trainer (James (Hitch on myspace my top 16)) has been working me out like crazy.
Well may God bless you.


Mike Dammann said...

dude, Hammer: I mean this in all honesty and no diss intended. Your blog loads slow. Get your own domain name and a good server. The time is now :)


Here are a couple of suggestions:


RCHAMMER said...

Is dancing your only workout?
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

RCHAMMER said...
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Stacey Chatman said...

Hey Hammer:

Continue to do your thang...at the rate God wants you to do it.....Your blog is fine and your workout is good...and if you feel you look great that is all that matters....one day come to one of my workout classes (if you are ever in Virginia)...I teach kickboxing, amongst other things......I know you are still doing what it takes to be where God wants you to be at this appointed time.

~Stacey Chatman~

and my blog may download slow too..but So What!!~~~hahahahaha

nicole said...

I'm trying to get back on the exercise path lately and so far I'm doing much better than I was. Lately I've been taking kickboxing. VERY intense workout but you see major results pretty quickly.

Congrats on staying up to speed with your own workouts. :)

RCHAMMER said...

I'm still "young" so... you get the point.
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

Bats said...

Message to William :

Can we talk by mail ?
Thanks !

The Mahoney's said...

I'm gonna email you but I just wanted it posted that your new album is off the hook!! Keep up the great work!

BlackCalvinist said...

I just started workin' out again, myself. You look like you've never been out of shape, though man!

Hope all is well.

Take care,

doubleknot said...

Glad to hear you are in good shape. Not many people realise what hard work it is performing and the effort you have to put into it. Let us know when your videos are out.

Ava said...


Your music inspires me. I was listening to your "Please Hammer Don't Hurt 'Em" album and "Help the Children" really spoke to me today. It inspired a very personal entry on my blog today, July 16th, that was inspired by you. I'm so glad that you are continuing on and reaching for the stars. Catch one for me!


Jonh Neo said...

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entyce01112 said...

I agree with black calvinist, You never been out of shape so stop playin lol I just started going back to the gym...I have yet to find the tranquility you have been experienceing lol It feels more like boot camp.

entyce01112 said...

ohh...my bad..*experiencing

FancyFree said...

I love your work, your music and the image that you maintain. Love it. I have ordered your dance video tape and the video Too legit with James Brown. I love it. YOu basically inspired me to take dance classes. and I even try to incorporate some of your moves in DC style Hand Dance. PS I am an old-timer, but I appreciate great dancers no matter what their age is or what ever my age is.

Do you have any tips on keeping your legs strong for dancing other than the bike?

mjfreeze said...

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hotpink said...

Hammer UR2Legit!

GOD has truly blessed you abundantly! When all is lost he gives you double for your trouble when he is head of your life. May you continue to tell of the gospel of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ while entertaining the masses with your swift feet, and being a family man. With our Creator you can do and have ALL things without him you have have all things and do nothing! When GOD id driving the car you are always headed in the right direction to the narrow path of salvation!

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