Monday, July 17, 2006

Calgary Show: Canada

We just returned from Calgary, Canada where we did the all girls, "Hammer Dancers Show"!
My girls put it down! Non stop, one hour plus! Let's Get Started..Turn This Mutha Out.. 2 Legit....Pumps and a Bump...I Got It From The Town... Hyphy Dumb.....WestCoast Cha..Pray.. Goin Up yonder...Keep On.. HammerTime...U Can't touch This and more... We are fine tuning the show but we ready to blow!!! The dancing is bananas and Pleasure Ellis is killing it on the vocals... Back To Work! Next up, The video for the Scott Storch produced, "HammerTime" featuring Nox.


William T said...

Wow !!! Any pics from the show ?

William T

Anita said...

This is Awesome Hammer. I was just telling my sister, that HammerTime will definitely be the way to go for the single and video. Please tell me that u will be releasing this to the public, not just digitial. Cause Hammer they need to know that u are BACK!!!

And with that song u will be able to show'em!!!

Ava said...

I'm ready to see it!

Sean R. Munnings said...


I agree that "HammerTime" is one of the best songs due to your smooth delivery/lyrics and one mega beat/chorus on the CD. "Monster Mash" with the Eminem sounding rapper is a phenomenal hit. I look fwd to seeing the new video. "Memories" and "West Coast Cha" are awesome. I have all four songs plus "Yay" on repeat. What ever happened to "Full Blast" and the video that was recorded? Also how many songs did Scott Storch work on - his name is stated in a lot of the songs off the Look 3X CD?

William T said...

Hammer at Calgary doing U Can't Touch This.

The dancing is awesome!!! I wish I could be there !

Shara said...

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Bats said...

Hi !

The site NJS4Ever (New jack Swing dedicated website) has put online a videomontage that we've done (with my brother Laurent) includ some excerpt from "Pumps and a bump music video.

PS : it's a way to thanks you for all the positive energy and inspiration thant we found in your music and dance.

Bats :26 years old
Laurent : 31 years old

The Link :

North said...

All the best, MC!!

Rockin' the world, with your tunes!!

Anita said...

Williamt, I seen the video of the live performance of U Can't Touch This. Hammer's dancing is GREAT, as usual. But from what I saw the girls doing in the back wasn't all that great. Hammer I hope they have much more energy than that for the other songs. U don't think they just might be a little too young to appreciated "U Can't Touch This"?

Still looking 4ward to seeing Hammer in concert soon!

Juggy said...

Calgary is a great place to have a show.

Where are the pics, and what was the venue?

KAE's Ltd. said...

Thank you sooo much for comeing to calgary. My best friend and i had a blast. You did a great job and we really enjoyed the show. Got some great pics of you! thanks again and come back soon!