Friday, July 21, 2006

Vacation: NY

We are winding up the family vacation in NY and headed back to Cali. The
kids loved NY! Tomorrow they (the boys) start football for the next four
months. Stanley Jr. celebrated his 11th birthday on Thursday. Next up
Sammy whom will be one year August 11th.

From my sidekick


majors said...

All good my team starts on the 24th. Cant wait to see how our boys do this year.

William T said...

Happy Birthday to Stanley boy.

William T

Don 'Lidzi said...

Great Stuff!!
I've never been to NY, just CA. But I'm sure I'll visit.
My my, how the kidz have grown!

I remember when I was about Stanley Jr's age, I used watch the "Hammerman" cartoon. The good old Days.

Hey, Stanley.. Thanks for being a positive role model for us youngstaz back in the day in Africa. I know u went thru ur dramaz during ur career, but some of us are still here coz we 'Pray' and we're 'Too Legit to Quit'. So, 'It's all Good'.

Plus, I admire how ur a family man. Even more, that ur still a man of God after all these years.

In God we trust
The Don

William T said...

I thought Hammer was a Nike fan. But his kids love Puma ?

nicole said...

Looks like you all had a nice time. :)

North said...

Holiday time!! Sounds nice to holiday in NY!! I've never been there, must be a site to see!

Happy Birthday to Stanley Jr!! Big -11th- and Happy early Birthday to little Sammie on the 11th August!! Mine is the 7th-Aug... we be leonine's Sammie!!


OneKewlChik said...

Looks like a great time! Happy belated bday Boobie!! I can't believe Samuel is going to be a year old already. He looks HUGE in that pic! We share a birthday...August 11th is definitely HYPHY!!! Love you guys....

reno said...

It's so funny to read you...

really !

very very good blog !

Thanks and...greetings from Belgium !



Anita said...

Great always nice to be able to spend time with your family. Look like u guys had a wonderful time.

Ukiewookie said...

WOW looks like a great holiday bro, awesome blogs and fantastic to read ur still out there like a dancin' machine doing yo thang!!!

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The Rev said...


Just thought I'd check in.

I always liked to visit NYC myself.

I hope you got the kids some good pizza there.


Roxi said...

I think that you should take me on vacation with you next time you decide to go ...

Yep I make the best accessory

Janifer said...

Those are pretty clean photos for a sidekick...

Something to look into. Thanks.

Janifer said...

Wait a second... That looks like one of my normal hang outs, David & Busters on 42nd St! *scratches head*

I wonder... am I right?

RCHAMMER said...

You have to go to Grand Rapids, Michigan sometime. At least do a concert there or something!
Hammer out.

RC Hammer

liam said...

hey nice looking blogging you have.

liam said...

great blogger you have here.

MC Hammer said...

U are right! Dave and Busters!!! on the famous 42nd st..!!!

Kristen said...

Happy Birthday to both the boys! and I love the hater blockers in the first pic!

anonymous said...

did i hear MI in the house? haaay!

H, i need some sequins pants.. is there any way you can hook this up? if not, no biggie..

just wanted to stop by and say hello. long time reader first time poster. Rev, also good to see you over here my dear friend.

glory to the almighty, im out.

Pry The Eye said...

Good to see you in Canada, I miss the simplicity of the good ol' days. Thanks for keepin it real Stan.

Orhan Kahn said...

Cute kids!

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