Sunday, July 02, 2006

Art Of The Dance: Reviewed

What a good feeling to see that everywhere I look, no matter what name they put on it, everybody's dancing! In the Bay Area we "goin' dumb", "thizz'n", and gettin' "hyphy". In LA they "krump'n" and gettin' "buck". The dirty South they doin the "snap dance". The west coast dances have evolved from the emotions and culture of the environment.

One "goes dumb" because he can escape the reality of feeling abandoned and left out from a society that isn't addressing his pain and frustration. The lack of hope, opportunity and employment eats at a man's conscience and psyche like maggots on the dead. My value and contribution to family and community is found in my ability to provide for my family and support the community with resources. I escape the pressures of this reality momentarily in my dance. In the dance I let go and I'm free.

I express myself. My dreads, my bald head, and my grill are a part of me. They are not "me" because I am not what I wear. They are to me as war paint is to a warrior. My dance is my cry. Feel my power and yet witness my grace. I speak through the dance.

I am not being heard but hopefully I will be seen. My movement is a call to action. The quiet before the storm. I "go dumb" to echo the voices that are saying we will not be denied. I lead the charge like an Elder should. I understand. There is no age requirement or limit and no respect of persons to this dance. If you relate to the conditions and recognize the symptoms join in. I'm hyphy. Hyper. I can't stop moving.

That's why here in the Bay we say, "do it movin". There is no time to sit still and allow the world to move and walk on me. When you see me, "goin' dumb" with my brothers and sisters I am saying I relate and I am here to support and bridge the gap. All gaps. Race, religion, purpose and missions.

The art of the dance is in the imperfections. It is in these moments of correction that we are made whole. We practice and communicate to iron out the problems and challenges. I MC Hammer am back dancing because the world needs to dance and Hip Hop needs leadership. No leadership is like no father. Wisdom comes from living life. Life in this time has grown more complex and the world has become more violent.

Through the dance of life we can communicate, embrace and understand one another. The dance brings us closer together. I purposely released the first video from my upcoming album, "Look, Look, Look"(Look3x) as organized pandemonium rather than a choreographed music video. It reflects the times and mind frame. In the freedom that is free style dance is where I see the real you. I love to let the art of the dance be spontaneous. There is no wrong move. Do you. We "goin' dumb". Just express yourself. Get it out.

This is the first leg in an eighteen song journey that will take you places you have not gone before. This is the warm up and the stretch. The depth and heart of the album comes later. Prepare your mind and your heart and I promise you there is no way you can leave this project without being affected and changed for the better.

I will bridge the gaps through music, video, blogs, melody and dance. We will communicate one with another. There will be communities to support the four chapters that make up the album. The video "Look" (see both "Look" videos: Look 3x, Look 3x/Dance Solo) is taken from the Club Look chapter of the album and is the sound of the crashing symbols and the blowing of the trumpets saying, "Here We Come and Here Comes The Hammer."

I am physically as well as mentally and spiritually prepared for this mission. It was a long time in preparation and now is the time to release my algorithm that is ,"Look, Look, Look" (Look3x).

The engine and power of the movement is the blog. The blog will allow us to link hand in hand, one to another. Even those who are not Hammer Fans but appreciate blogging's empowerment are welcomed supporters. The blog is our commonality. My goal is to connect with Hammer Fans. Make new Hammer friends and meet with like minds. Those who believe in God, family and community. Through the blog I will eliminate sensationalism. You will have access to my many thoughts and truly get to know me without an intermediate.

Video on demand will allow you to see my art, my life and work on demand and without the infection of those who have hidden agendas. This is the revolution and it is on demand. There is no stopping this movement and you can't contain it. The music was built from the vibrations and the call of the people.

We will dance.

There will be many steps in this dance. Learn the movements. Respect my get down. Notice the strength of the women in these videos. See the joy of the kids. The young man at the end of the first "Look" video is my ten year old son Stanley Burrell Jr. I turn them loose and lift them up. They are strong and beautiful. I applaud their strengths and I create an environment that focuses on their gifts. When I launch The Look Tour you will witness what the power of music, dance, technology, God and community truly is on another level. Witness the maturation of Hip Hop.

I won't be just performing but we together will be celebrating the Art Of The Dance.


William T said...

Can't wait to hear the new album !!! Still 2 days to go.

Antonia said...

I can not wait to hear the CD!

I wish you great success and hope that todays "Kids" will love you as much as we did - back in the day :)

One of my sons friends want sto be a rapper. I told him to come to your blog
and learn from the best.

He is only 14 and has a lot to learn about life I just hope he learns the right way from the right kind of man.

Soulfull said...

Hip Hop is growing up for sure, but we still have some more work to do...

North said...

Dear MC, so very happy to read your splendid thoughts!! You are an amazing man, with an amazing family and zest for life, love and God. You make God, proud....

All the best with this endeavor; and I will be with you in Spirit...

Much Love & Many Blessings,

dxsuckit said...

I used to wear Hammer pants every day. Good luck with the album.

Ben said...

Hammer, I was pleasantly surprised to see your new album up on iTunes today. Those of us who came of age in the early 1990s are all "Hammerfans," even though some don't like to admit it. Heck, I've never had a problem. What did Duke Ellington say? "If it sounds good, it is good." Many happy returns, and best of luck as you travel around promoting your sound.

Ben from CT

Kansas Bob said...

Hey there MCH ... my son used to love to listen to Pray ... I agree with what is says ...

We need to pray ... Just to make it today

... unfortunately most people live from their heads and see no reason to pray ... sad because real life is living from your heart.

Anita said...

Just reading the entire Art of Dance, before I just scammed through it, but I took my time to read every word.

Hammer, I feel everything that u were saying. Over at the community I posted what Dancing meant to me, and it sort of came out with some of the exact same thoughts/feelings that u have expressed above.

I want to thank u 4 coming back and giving us the dance again, because it was missing in Hip Hop there 4 awhile, there were some still out there actually dancing during their performances, but no one has been able to do it like u do Hammer.

With that said, I cannot wait 4 the Look Tour, will be front and center, so don't 4get us down here in Mobile, AL. By the way thanks 4 giving us the shoutout in the Eazy E song from the Inside Out album.

Talk to soon,

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For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.

Baby Bedding said...

Love you hammer

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