Friday, October 26, 2007

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Homeless in America

The fact that so many are currently homeless and many more are facing homelessness in this terrible housing market, lends itself to the opportunity for us to address being homeless in America. This is a major issue and I am confident that the answers are here on the net in a collaborative network. More later.....

I can't imagine the pain of parents who's kids are living on the streets homeless. Lets begin to take a close look at the problem and come up with possible solutions. All could be could be your kids are loved ones..

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

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San Diego

Hope that the fires burnout and the destruction of peoples homes and lives comes to an end. Praying for Southern California. I was just in San Diego for the film festival last week. The city was doing so well and is a great place to live.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

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FullBlast Theme Song

Somebody posted this video from my vault!!! This is from the unreleased..future release FullBlast project. The songs have the Hammer energy!!! I like the moves in this video..I put myself in the Matrix..(change speeds in the middle of the moves) free styling away!!!.

I shot this 2 and half years ago. The choreography on each verse are fun moves (try to learn them) and learn the chorus moves. I will do an instructional video on this song at DanceJam. com... Have fun!! FullBlast


You need to know how much I love and appreciate you. Time and Time again I have witnessed your strength, love, unselfishness and kind heart. I watched you raise five kids and sacrifice your life so that we could have a quality, loving upbringing. We never had a hungry day in our lives. We always had clothing and we were always clean. You taught us how to speak proper English and to respect our elders and to never be prejudice. These principles have been critical pillars in our lives. Thank you.

You taught us how to love by your example. The past few years I have watched you take that love example to another level. The way you went and got your sister (whom lost her memory in a common surgery on her hip) cared for her and nursed her til the time came that you were once again called upon (for your love and nurturing) by your oldest daughter (whom was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently). You made sure my Aunt was okay and you flew out here to be by my sisters side. You slept in the hospital...stayed up for days at a time and was never concerned about yourself. I can only say I hope that I am half the father (to my kids) that you are as a mother to our family.

When my son was born two years ago (one pound eleven ounces) you came here and helped nurse my wife back to health..cooked for her and the kids ..cleaned the house..and made sure that I was okay. I write (blog) about this (you) here because I want it documented forever that you are the best mother a family could ever have and although my words could never express my love and appreciation for you.. I need to say it. blog it, sing it, and rap it.

My God, I ask you for additional crowns for my mother..she loves you and has sacrificed her life for her kids...she has exemplified the love of Christ from the top of her head to the rivers of life (love) flowing from her belly. She has supported us in all of our doings and taught us to be steadfast in and out of season..

You (My Lord) in your omniscient state of being knew whom to make my mother..Thank you Father.

Mama I love you.

Your Son Of The King


HOTOLA!!! organically hot music!

Whitney... Love and miss my friend..
We need you back now!!!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Look University: A place to exchange ideas

Janelle Monae

Listen to her lyrics. I love the diverse voices and methods of artistic expression.
This Woman is talented.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Boxing..MayWeather vs Hatton

This is a good match up. I applaud Floyd for always willing to fight the best.
Hatton is no joke and he is tough as nails. His challenge is that Mayweather is the best defensive fighter ever. Timing and spacing is second nature to him. He slides back (fades) away from your punch and counters almost simultaneously. He is able to calculate risk and reward in the blink of an eye. So he strikes, moves, and dances as he pleases, all while accumulating points and rocking your brain and body. A true complete fighter. The best today.

He will go down in boxing history as one of the all-time greats. Be sure to see him in action. It's a work of art.

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Bill Cosby

Somebody had to do it and Mr. Cosby has the courage and love to do it and be that somebody. Unless the inner city is your life experience, you are not equipped to fully comprehend the conundrum of life in and from the hood. Leadership is talked about but rarely supported. Politics and fame sometimes mean to pretend like you care while you use your platform to increase your brand (personal wealth) and market to the Black culture by design and then popular culture by default. The trendsetters and taste makers have historically begun in the inner city. The good news is that most who are politicians and famous, have been for so long that their record of giving of their personal time and resources can easily be challenged and vetted. If you edit or own a magazine or other media outlets that are distributed on a domestic level you too can be taken to task based upon your personal track record (no hiding behind your brand). Ebony, Jet, Vibe and Essence have been exceptional over the years.

However,just because one is employed by media that covers Black or hip hop music doesn't mean one cares about the plight of the Black community. In many cases the same media has had a history of promoting violence and misogyny. Timeout for the nonsense. Help us, help our children and families or get out of the way.

We are in a crisis!! If you have positioned yourself to serve a specific audience..than say that but don't proclaim yourself as the voice that represents the heart and minds of us all (we all are from the same streets). This is the age of "Google", the Internet, hence instant access to most information in real time. We are no longer in the dark. The people are no longer susceptible to your opinionated, want to be hard journalism and your careless profit oriented agendas. We can check and respond to the validity of your information and engage and alert your advertisers to your history of disseminated poison. See it's real simple. You are not more important to us than the freedom, minds and lives of our community. Period.

So watch your mouth if you are challenging Mr. Cosby's efforts of love and you are famous or influential on any level, because there is a criteria that must me met. Are you a good father? Did you raise and participate in your kids lives? Do you give back? When? Where? is your giving proportional to your income? Have you lived in the conditions and experienced the life that Mr. Cosby is speaking of? Does your business (that is supported by the Black community) support or does it exploit the community? Do you or have you abused women?

This is serious and there is no time for playing. Go play around another issue. The issue of our children and our community is not the place for your self serving rhetoric. If you stand up to challenge Mr. Cosby, just be sure to know that he is not alone. Like Mr.Cosby I carry a love and burden for my community to the extent that I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch the termination of hope and life and do nothing. It won't happen. Bond or free, I will fight for the minds and souls of my people.

God Bless you Mr. Cosby for standing up. I salute you Sir.

Son Of The King
MC Hammer

Saturday, October 20, 2007


Dialogue: Are we to fearful to talk?
Bill Cosby deserves respect for his strength and love.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Open letter to Bill Cosby.

Bill I want you to know that I appreciate you and I love you. I've been around to many of our own people who justify "exploiting" our pain and struggle because they profit from it, for their "personal" gains. Forget about whether we agree or disagree on the musical issues, I agree one hundred percent with your heart of love and concern for our community. I stand with you locked hand in hand declaring we must address issues internally and externally that bind and cripple our people and we must acknowledge the systematic conditions and denial that cause our ears and eyes to become closed and then shut from the pain and hurt of our reality.

The numbers are painful. The deaths. The funerals. The lost. The incarceration. The hopelessness. The wounded mothers. It's a shame and it hurts me to know and have witnessed the attack on you for raising issues that are in and of themselves truth. Time and place can be debated. The man Bill Cosby and your contributions and love for us cannot. I salute you Sir. In you I see a symbolic father for us all, standing up and sounding the trumpet of alarm and terror. Time is short. We must move now. Our babies are dying. Our young men are becoming new slave labor (prison wages for work) and our men are being shut out of opportunities to be fathers and providers because of the endless cycle of lack of education,violence, hustle, racism, oppression, jail, unemployment and death.

I'm man enough to issue this apology to you, on behalf of those of us whom understand, recognize and appreciate love. Don't worry Bill. I can handle the cowards who do nothing but talk. They've never given anything to the hood but a slick, hollow conversation. My folks from the town (Oakland) are actively supporting a new positive movement..from the pen to the streets. It's time. Real men stand up. Our women have shouldered the burden long enough..

Son Of The King
MC Hammer

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Look University...Lupe

This is a song worthy of Look!!
Lupe Fiasco is the artist.


Dancing Is My Life.. Dancing All My Life... Dancejam!!!

This is power and influence of the dance!!!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

HOTOLA!!! organically hot!

Man.. I miss Pac.. (RIP)
This is a song he wrote for me called Unconditional Love. It was never released.
I found this(mash up video) on the net. I will start to perform it in live shows. It means a lot to me.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MC Hammer Is Dead!!!! And Popin' His Collar !!

The news that I passed made me laugh and dig this up...far from dead I'm popin' my collar man!! smile have fun....enjoy life and Dance baby!!! This video is a imovie video from 2000..2001

MC Hammer /Wall Street Journal

Monday, October 08, 2007

By Grace... I live..My work is not yet done...

I heard the rumor..paused, gathered my thoughts and thanked my Lord and Savior that his word and promises are true. I have not completed my mission and I have yet to take my place in a light and place that you can clearly see (know) and understand me. I had just returned from a hospital where a loved one was recovering from brain surgery...she persevered a fifteen hour operation to remove a tumor.... She now begins the road to recovery...the enemy (evil) that I fight (spiritual) attacks when he perceives one is emotionally down. My faith grows stronger during adverse times. I take this moment to declare that the God that gave me life, has not required that breath to return unto him... That same breath has his eternal Holy spirit in it. There is none that walks the earth or has fallen from heaven that has the authority to require my life. I am his. The CHRIST...
GLORY TO HIS NAME!!!!! I also claim healing and deliverance in his name (Jesus).

Friday, October 05, 2007

HOTOLA!!! MC Hammer : flashBack

Have A Great weekend!!!


MC Hammer flashback

I"m glad my thoughts and concepts were captured. I'm proud that I stood up for positivity and community when it wasn't popular to do. There are still a few people in power positions that orchestrated the attack on my character and humanity, but the days of their influence is coming to an end. They sacrificed our kids and a generation for their private agendas and financial gains. By the grace of God, I have weathered their reign of terror, destruction and the of hope of a generation.... Now comes the New day and a new thing!!!