Friday, October 19, 2007


Open letter to Bill Cosby.

Bill I want you to know that I appreciate you and I love you. I've been around to many of our own people who justify "exploiting" our pain and struggle because they profit from it, for their "personal" gains. Forget about whether we agree or disagree on the musical issues, I agree one hundred percent with your heart of love and concern for our community. I stand with you locked hand in hand declaring we must address issues internally and externally that bind and cripple our people and we must acknowledge the systematic conditions and denial that cause our ears and eyes to become closed and then shut from the pain and hurt of our reality.

The numbers are painful. The deaths. The funerals. The lost. The incarceration. The hopelessness. The wounded mothers. It's a shame and it hurts me to know and have witnessed the attack on you for raising issues that are in and of themselves truth. Time and place can be debated. The man Bill Cosby and your contributions and love for us cannot. I salute you Sir. In you I see a symbolic father for us all, standing up and sounding the trumpet of alarm and terror. Time is short. We must move now. Our babies are dying. Our young men are becoming new slave labor (prison wages for work) and our men are being shut out of opportunities to be fathers and providers because of the endless cycle of lack of education,violence, hustle, racism, oppression, jail, unemployment and death.

I'm man enough to issue this apology to you, on behalf of those of us whom understand, recognize and appreciate love. Don't worry Bill. I can handle the cowards who do nothing but talk. They've never given anything to the hood but a slick, hollow conversation. My folks from the town (Oakland) are actively supporting a new positive movement..from the pen to the streets. It's time. Real men stand up. Our women have shouldered the burden long enough..

Son Of The King
MC Hammer


North said...

Count me in, as support!! Mr. Cosby has the courage to speak the truth about issues pertaining to the lawlessness, greed and corruption; which have our communities in turmoil. We have become a dog eat dog world; and those whom are old, sick, weak; will be devoured by poverty.

I am not black; but, I am impoverished. It is deprivations by government, which allow poverty to exist in the first place!!

I find it difficult, as my life is only worth nine hundred a month to survive on, rent is 500! yet, our elected officials easily spend billions going into debt for to the stars.. alloting themselves ridiculous pay-increases; raising taxes to do it; or like in Canada(1996) take 21.6% off everyone on disability income checques-which thrust them(me) 30% below poverty levels!

WE, feel like burdens to society; helpless, hopeless!! Not a night goes by; I pray to Jesus to take me in my sleep--I am tired of living; but, every morning I wake up, and the pain, suffering and deprivations just pile on...

The cost = human lives

Praise to them; whom will challenge the failures of mankind!! Because, there are millions of us; that you speak for--and our gratitude and appreciation is yours..

MC--I bow in your direction!!
Luv 2u,

MC Hammer said...

I continue to pray for your peace and healing.

Shawn said...

I call inner city violence evolution at work. It should be more violent. The more who die the better, the foolish and ignorant deserve death.

MC Hammer said...

I'm not surprised by your lack of compassion.. However, foolishness is not a lifelong state and is'nt punishable by death. If so, you just committed suicide by your own words.

Allow space for love in your heart and you will see things in a new light. Careful not to bring darkness upon yourself. Where there is no love evil is king.

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