Wednesday, October 10, 2007

MC Hammer Is Dead!!!! And Popin' His Collar !!

The news that I passed made me laugh and dig this up...far from dead I'm popin' my collar man!! smile have fun....enjoy life and Dance baby!!! This video is a imovie video from 2000..2001


North said...

My heart just about jumped out of my skin, when I read the title!!

Good thing you are a wise man MC...and with a good sense of humour!

Monkey B said...

hey hammer watch this video

i'm sure you like it

Sean R. Munnings said...


Please place "Don't Stop - The Remix" music video on your Blog. I saw the video on BET years ago once and never saw it again. That song is "too tight". I realize that you don't promote it due to the braggin lyrics. Why are your videos not available on the internet for "Hard Times"etc.?

Tang said...

I did watch the 'Why do u wanna take mine' video in which Hammer were with some Korean guys. But it's short-lived on the internet and I can't find it anymore.

The 'too tight' should be one of those songs from Death Row album. I heard a clip and it's real tight.

Well, Sean, find another song 'Too Late Player' on youtube. It's truly hot.

William T

Homage said...

I like this song... it's better than anything since 2 Legit. What a crazy video!

Chris O said...

Can we get some "We're all in the same gang?" Glad to hear that the rumours of your death are greatly exaggerated.

Anita said...

I've seen this one before I think over at yahoo. Love the song, u were always ahead of the times. There are all of these new dances that are out now and u was doing it first. Always setting the trend.

Vanessa said...


I forgot about this song... I love it!!

This was one of my favorite songs from your Active Duty CD.

I've have been Popping My Collar all week in my car in route to work with your CD.

Thank for sharing the video again :-)

MC Hammer said...

All Love !! It's time to Pop our collars!!!

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