Sunday, October 21, 2007

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Bill Cosby

Somebody had to do it and Mr. Cosby has the courage and love to do it and be that somebody. Unless the inner city is your life experience, you are not equipped to fully comprehend the conundrum of life in and from the hood. Leadership is talked about but rarely supported. Politics and fame sometimes mean to pretend like you care while you use your platform to increase your brand (personal wealth) and market to the Black culture by design and then popular culture by default. The trendsetters and taste makers have historically begun in the inner city. The good news is that most who are politicians and famous, have been for so long that their record of giving of their personal time and resources can easily be challenged and vetted. If you edit or own a magazine or other media outlets that are distributed on a domestic level you too can be taken to task based upon your personal track record (no hiding behind your brand). Ebony, Jet, Vibe and Essence have been exceptional over the years.

However,just because one is employed by media that covers Black or hip hop music doesn't mean one cares about the plight of the Black community. In many cases the same media has had a history of promoting violence and misogyny. Timeout for the nonsense. Help us, help our children and families or get out of the way.

We are in a crisis!! If you have positioned yourself to serve a specific audience..than say that but don't proclaim yourself as the voice that represents the heart and minds of us all (we all are from the same streets). This is the age of "Google", the Internet, hence instant access to most information in real time. We are no longer in the dark. The people are no longer susceptible to your opinionated, want to be hard journalism and your careless profit oriented agendas. We can check and respond to the validity of your information and engage and alert your advertisers to your history of disseminated poison. See it's real simple. You are not more important to us than the freedom, minds and lives of our community. Period.

So watch your mouth if you are challenging Mr. Cosby's efforts of love and you are famous or influential on any level, because there is a criteria that must me met. Are you a good father? Did you raise and participate in your kids lives? Do you give back? When? Where? is your giving proportional to your income? Have you lived in the conditions and experienced the life that Mr. Cosby is speaking of? Does your business (that is supported by the Black community) support or does it exploit the community? Do you or have you abused women?

This is serious and there is no time for playing. Go play around another issue. The issue of our children and our community is not the place for your self serving rhetoric. If you stand up to challenge Mr. Cosby, just be sure to know that he is not alone. Like Mr.Cosby I carry a love and burden for my community to the extent that I cannot sit on the sidelines and watch the termination of hope and life and do nothing. It won't happen. Bond or free, I will fight for the minds and souls of my people.

God Bless you Mr. Cosby for standing up. I salute you Sir.

Son Of The King
MC Hammer


North said...

I salute both you and Bill!!

Bravo MC--for saying what needs saying--for doing what needs being done.

Jesus is.. in your corner; and the world awaits liberation from evil on earth...

God Bless you both,

jessica said...

I was doing some research on community outreach and came across your blog. I agree with everything you mentioned and feel that it is my duty as a young engineer to give back to the community.

Additionally, I need to request your assistance. I work with middle/high school students to get them interested in math and science and to promote college. Every spring we have a banquet to give away scholarships to high school and college students. I do not know what your policy is on such matters, but if you could assist in this effort in any way I would greatly appreciate it. For additional information please visit I can be reached via email at

Thank you in advance,
2007-08 NSBE-AE PCI Chair

jessica said...

Sorry, the link is


Carla said...

How do you feel about Cosby having this conversation re: lower-income blacks in mainstream outlets? -- I look at Cosby as an elder who, regardless of whether I agree with him or not, has earned his right to speak. And while I disagree with some of his comments because they are spiteful and hateful, I do believe that he's coming from a place of love and genuinely wants his people to do better. What I don't get though, is why have this conversation with mainstream white America which is not coming from the same place? -- As a girlfriend of mine said, Cosby's having a "barbershop conversation" with white folks who aren't equipped to have an educated conversation about people who don't look like them.

Mark said...

Thank you Hammer for talking about important subjects with such straight forward candor. P.S. Can you believe I'm spining TOO LEGIT TO QUIT as I write this! You and Mr Cosby are both "too legit to quit", so keep on talking, keep on spotlighting the important issues!

ck said...

I am reposting your post (with full credit given) on my site. If you'd rather I not, please comment on the thread and I'll be more than happy to edit. Great post.

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Jess Hogue said...

I would really like to speak with Hammer regarding obtaining the rights to use a sample of "Can't touch this" in a radio ad for my peronal training gym. If anyone knows how to contact him or if by chance you read this hammer can you please email me at ! It would be so rockin if we could work something out!