Monday, February 02, 2009


Angel Davis
ad81 @mchammer when you get a chance check out this report my coworker sent it to me
Carl Starrett
chslaw @MCHammer I just got done listening to your interview on Star 94.1 in San Diego. Now I need to download that iPhone app you mentioned.
HondoMesa @mchammer - and your gold as was cool too!
Donald Sayers
DonaldSayers @MCHammer can I buy the gold medallion of you wearing a gold medallion?
IkeBot @MCHammer, you can't expect me to believe you were only mangling the short fish taco
Ryan Kuder
ryankuder @MCHammer You were very convincing in the spot. I started collecting all my wife's jewelry to send in, but she stopped me.
Cocoa316 @mchammer they are talking about your commercial on The View! :)
Jarrod Morris
jarrod_morris @mchammer I saw your commercial this weekend. I'm sorry, but Ed has you beat with the Golden Toilet!
AngieGriffin @MCHammer that Cash for Gold commercial during the Superbowl had us dying last night!!! Too much!!! HA...very unexpected!
Ty Cohen
MusicBizCenter @MCHammer Tight work on the Super Bowl Ad
David Rosen
davidrosen @MCHammer you were great on tv last night!!!
thereverendpuck @MCHammer great super bowl ad.
thea2u Icon_lock @MCHammer Your commercial was pretty funny. Great job.
KrisColvin @MCHammer You're on Yahoo's homepage right now... said out of all of them, you might be the Superbowl's ad superstar! They dug it. :-)))
Christian Shaboo
ChristianShaboo @MCHammer commercial was HILARIOUS! Top three of the Superbowl.
Ty Adams
TyAdams @MCHammer hilarious commerical!!!
Tammy Logsdon
TammyTV @mchammer. Good luck! Don't sell those hammer pants, they are legendary!!! Hurt us again Hammer, I loved ur old school. XOXOXO TammyTV
djorator @MCHammer loved the super bowl cermercial with you and Ed McMan. It was funny. Slaning gold chains.
Christi J
stars_gal @MCHammer Your commercial was the only one that managed to snag my attention last night...loved it!! Loved the "my gold pants." :D

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Kyle Bunch
bunch @mchammer Congrats on winning the Super Bowl Commercial Derby
jamie cardwell
JamieinAtlanta @MCHammer - LOVED the Cash4Gold spot - was it as much fun making it as it was for those of us watching it..great stuff.
ijustine @mchammer loved your cash 4 gold commercial :)
Stacey Williams-Ng
tennesseekillms @MCHammer You were too cute in that ad. Better not melt those pants!
Ed Laczynski
edla @MCHammer nice spot for cash4gold - very funny!
Patrick O'Keefe
iFroggy @MCHammer I wonder if he actually watched the commercial/website. Your name is clearly displayed in the commercial
Patrick O'Keefe
iFroggy @MCHammer Check out this write up of the Cash4Gold ad: Made the lame Diddy name joke, but it's not even Diddy. lol
Chip McComb
rocketchip @MCHammer loved your superbowl ad with Ed McMahon
g3houdini @MCHammer cash4gold pulled your commercial off due to copyright violations. Tell them to repost, we all want to see.
lookItsEman @MCHammer is meltin' gold, baby! Best ad of the superbowl.
Samantha Dickey
SKDickey @MCHammer loved the C4G commercial, very fun!
John Weippert
JDubb @MCHammer Loved the Cash4Gold add last night. Please tell me you still have the gold pants.
Pedro Sanchez, Jr.
psanchez @MCHammer It was good. Im like, I have Mr.MCHAMMER as my twitter friend ;-) - Everybody looked at me like if I was crazy or something.
Steve Muchnick
SteveMuchnick @MCHammer Hello Hammer, we thank God for you. Please check out my wife's new ministry + follow if you can. http://surrender40.blogspot...
Chris Boyd
chris_boyd @MCHammer That commercial was awesome!
wkavan @MCHammer Thanks for following, see you on the digital side.
Finanshall @MCHammer has 30 000 followers & follows 20 000. you gotta be 2 legit 2 tweet like that lol
misspolyamory @MCHammer Thanks for the link. Gold pants? LOL. Gold hip replacement? Okkkay? xo
Mitch English
mitchenglish @MCHammer Add him and be sure to get his iPhone application. Search "MC HAMMER" What a cool guy

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Kim Wells
kwells2416 @MCHammer GREAT commercial last night! YOU actually had one of the funny ones! May God continue to bless and keep you.
704CEO @MCHammer Great commercial @ the Gold Medallion of you wearing a Gold Medallion
Monica Valentinelli
mlvalentine @MCHammer Nice to see you've still retained your sense of fashion. Thanks for sharing the pics!
wkavan @MCHammer Thank you for being on the Daily Buzz. You sounded great and your website looks really cool.
Mitch English
Mitch English
mitchenglish @mchammer Just called in. We'll be talking to him at 7:34
ceoseo @MCHammer congrats on the sb ad, it made me goto twitter and then your site! BIG FAN glad to see you still kickin it! LETS GET IT STARTED!!
BRENTMCCOY @MCHammer hilarious commercial, nicely done! A gold medallion of me wearing a gold medallion! HA!
wkavan @MCHammer Don't forget to Call Mitch English, thank you!
Mitch English
mitchenglish @MCHAMMER contacted me after the show Friday, he's going to call in today, be looking for it. send him a reminder- Thanks!
mrmosby @mchammer - Very nice. Hammer, we need to hook up soon. Check out what I've got going on at
greg cohn
gscohn @mchammer are you really selling your gold pants?
Cheryl Taragin
moanquivers @MCHammer Thanks for an amazing evening! Thought you might like this article
Zach_Jenkins @Mchammer also nice cash for gold ad i guess we really cant touch this
Ernest Woo
clumproll @MCHammer don't sell your gold hammer! That's like Hammer-abilia, isn't it?!
Matthew Small
MashewShmalls @mchammer saw your ad. Sweet! Love the bling!
Noel Purcell
noelpurcell @MCHammer your super bowl commercial was great hammer
Rodrigo Benavides
dareisay @MCHammer cash4 gold unbelievable!
JahWarrior4Lyfe @Mchammer your commercial just played...hilarious
AEguy27 @mchammer awesome commercial man. LMFAO

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Josef Sandoval
erbal210 @mchammer did u really sell ur gold medallion of u wearing a gold medallion?
allisa @mchammer Best Super Bowl commercial goes to you!
Travis Keller
buddyhead Icon_lock @mchammer dude... i'm DELETING you from my twitter. at first it was funny... now you're just annoying. I will hurt you hammer
Tina Sprague
TinabobinaS @MCHammer nice ad during the Super Bowl.
pham tuan vu
fostina Icon_lock I'm only giving updates to friends.
Christopher J. Berry
chrisesq @MCHammer looking good, we loved the commercial.
Brian Potter
hope2revival @MCHammer MC,your Gran Ma is watchin' over you and that is real! So,show her how cool your really are! Peace
Brenda! // Squishy
squishycool @MCHammer LOVED your commercial! it was hilarious XD
rainah @MCHammer who were you rooting for?
JahWarrior4Lyfe @Mchammer im jealous of you right now sir
Leigh Walker
artlovemusic @mchammer - I am determined to have one of these... but solid black :-)
Big Bob
Big_Bob @mchammer We Are Playing You Cant Touch This hammer....Reppin Hammer To The Fullest
Leigh Walker
artlovemusic @mchammer - That SO looks like my kind of place!
Leigh Walker
Glenn D. Hudson
Mia Myka
1cutechicwitfm @MCHammer Some good shots. Thanks for sharing ;-) Cool
Iconic88 @MCHammer Did you have a good time Hammer at the SB?
just beth
bethloveswiley @mchammer - arg... not "this" pic, but "the" pic of you in the stands

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

slmay @MCHammer thanks for sharing!!!! LOVED the halftime ....performance
just beth
bethloveswiley @mchammer - gosh, youre a lucky ducky =) really liked this pic of you in the stands =)
babyrumps @MCHammer Looks like you had great seats at the game!
ChrisHubbard @mchammer - Nice pic and nice seats! I loved the commercial!
Las Vegas Nightlife
myvegasscene @mchammer - Good to see many American's are having such a great time in national past time. Thanks for the picture!
moonstruckmania @MCHammer Looks like you had a good time :o)
nancy padilla
Christian Hougardy
Carlos Flores
carlos9984 @mchammer - nice... wish i couldve gone to the game. #superbowl
♠ Vegas Bill ♣
VegasBill @mchammer - Amazing super bowl final score from your Apple 3g iPhone showing the Steelers as the Super Bowl win ...
Omer Hasan
Cynthia Yildirim
Chris Rauschnot
24k @mchammer - The fireworks at the #superbowl are quite amazing! Excellent shot of the event!
alarmvsme Icon_lock @MCHammer 2/27 in Utah, you've gotttt to be kidding me! that night's going to be amazing!
carysoriano @MCHammer that was the BEST commercial of the night! Great job Hammer!!!
IamCROS1 @MCHammer i think the commercial was dope congrats but i still cant comprehend to why anyone would send there gold to that company haha
Robert West
gypsyman27 @MCHammer saw your superbowl commercial from my hospital bed bright spot of my day you're still cool!
djkboogie @MCHammer Yo congrats on the tv spot my man! Just checked it out now!
Lee Frederic
Provincial007 @MCHammer Thats .. i heard some contro on that. On Twitter. As long a the balance was there
lightgalleries @MCHammer I have a feeling 2009 is gonna be huge for the return of the Hamma!
Black News
BlackNews @mchammer is making a comeback...did u see the cash4gold Superbowl commercial?
jon madison
jonmadison Icon_lock @MCHammer man that was
Octopi Gyarden
stealanangel @MCHammer thanks for the cash4gold commercial. it was pretty nice.
TedGlomski @mchammer nooooo not your gold pants. Those are awesome!
Mal Briggs
malb @MCHammer just watched the Cash4Gold ad on Youtube (we didn't get the ads on ESPN in Australia). Loved the medallion!
SlimAthletic @MCHammer Can I have that necklace?
just beth
bethloveswiley @mchammer man i just wish theydve shown u on tv lookin fly like u were in ur twitpic, bc i mean they showed cuba g jr. i rather seen u =)
guerillamilk @MCHammer i didn't send any congrats, but i'll always try to steal the spotlight sooo...UR WELCOME MC HAMMER!
kjs @MCHammer - I LOLed pretty heartily at the gold sledgehammer.
sumaya kazi
sumaya @MCHammer of course! curious though - how long ago did you tape that? wondering what the lead time to produce a superbowl ad is.
Dan Brown
_DanBrown @MCHammer still remember your pepsi commercial like it was yesterday. "yo, hammer!" *gulp* "propah".
Jamica Sherman
Morecharm @MCHammer, Im 2legit2 quit too! Hamma time!! thAt was when everything was bout having a good time, not this bs thugwars these days. cleanfun
John Mundy
Mundinator @MCHammer ZOMGWTFBBQ!! I didn't catch that one until now...awesome ad! You kicked it real good!
Steven Pitts
stevenpitts @MCHammer Hulu & Cash5Gold ads are neck&neck for me still. I have to sleep on it before I claim a favorite.
tamikka @MCHammer my friend screamed "that's mc hammer!" when the commercial came on. So cool!
gsilas @MCHammer I was going to pass, but since you mentioned it, we all thought it was dope too. (i saw questo's shout out, tight!)
Seth Blank
AntiFreeze @MCHammer my personal favoriate was you selling the gold medallion of you wearing a gold medallion ;-)
Julie Elander
JMcMurdo @MCHammer Sadly I missed your commercial! : ( But I'm still a big fan of your music AND your spirituality! : )

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Robert Rice
RobertRice @MCHammer Hope to see more of you in the future : )
C. Gervin
cgervin @MCHammer that was definitely the best commercial.
Jason Broaddus
Dave M
gadgetgy @mchammer Way to bring the gold dance pants back too! We where all howling with laughter on that line!
eric wegerbauer
lickbrain @MCHammer you are gold my man...keep it up!!
pdluthy @MCHammer You, Sir, had the best "play by play" via tweet that I've ever're the Madden of Twitter
Superbad McLovin
kinganyi @MCHammer no doubt.. It was better look than your last superbowl commercial.. Eugh
Raymond PerfectRay
Spiffster @MCHammer Did you get to keep that gold medallion of you with a gold medallion?
Carlton Flowers
carltonf @MCHammer Hammer, I laughed my head off! It was funny! I was very happy to see you have such a huge opportunity. Congrats to you, bro!
Omer Hasan
OmerHasan @MCHammer haha funny ad you did. loved it!
Scott Reinhart
DJ Excel (BMORE)
bmoreoriginal Icon_lock @MCHammer just read the article on your ap. Congrats
cineMATTic @MCHammer it was an awesome spot, man!
Kim Randall
Sadie_Pippita @MCHammer Loved the commercial :-)
thegarnercircle @MCHammer loving the commercial! - garner
Dante Lee
DanteLee @mchammer that cash4gold commercial was funny...what ad agency came with that idea?
wilkolence @MCHammer HAMMER!had to hush my girlfriend when you came on TV. she didnt like that. it was nice to see you on the tube again!!!!
Jon Marion
eboku01 @MCHammer just saw your cash4gold ad. it was pretty awesome.

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Jeremy Cochran
eepgonewild @MCHammer thanks for sharing with during this busy day. I enjoyed your updates.
BIGCHRISSATX @MCHammer That commercial went hard man!!
Mark Hauge
Peggy Sue Harrington
lostlo @mchammer That was a good game but the highlight was seeing you! Love your sense of humor about things :)
solessence @MCHammer You had the best photos of the night
Dustin Dahlberg
Lil_Dollar @MCHammer Dude, your commercial was great!!!
talking80smusic @MCHammer Great ad. Massively creative and gives you a chance to show your sense of humor.
Anton Deleon
Raymond PerfectRay
Spiffster @MCHammer One of the best moments of the Superbowl was the Cash4Gold commercial that was hilarious
AgapeLady @MCHammer Amen 2 ur prayer 4 Jennifer Hudson... been prayin 4 her
collinmcguire @mchammer i saw your superbowl ad, its a funny one
PeteWalker74 @MCHammer I don't see how you can live with yourself... I mean you don't even have a gold toilet. JEEZ! :)
Andrew Dobrow
anjrued @MCHammer How much did Cash4Gold give you for your gold pants?
cavemanpromo @MCHammer WoW Cash For Gold. What About Those Gold Bathroom Fixtures U Got Lol
FeliciaSlattery @mchammer - loved your commercial. How many folks around you in the stands recognized you?
Amy ~ AllAboutEnergy
allaboutenergy @MCHammer You happy Hammer or am I just imagining it? ;-)
Jamie Gewurz
AprilTara @mchammer - Lookin' good! Hope you had a blast!

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

AprilTara @mchammer - Lookin' good! Hope you had a blast!
muchnaderby @mchammer congrats on the awesome commercial...that is why you rock.
Patrick Giblin
patgiblin @MCHammer CLASSIC Cash 4 Gold spot tonight on #superbowl. Here come the twitt followers for Hammer Time
rjcrimzon @MCHammer great commercial Hammer!
Doug Fioranelli
sumaya kazi
sumaya @mchammer was cool to see you in a superbowl ad!
dtgrants @MCHammer great pics! Thanks for sharing. :-)
Fendi06 funny....your gold pants?????
boweryboogie @MCHammer great commercial tonight, Hammer!
chrishedgecock @MCHammer nice commercial but dont give up the gold pants just yet
Andrew Ols
Andrewols @MCHammer Amazing game, you're lucky to have been there!
Elaine Stanton
ellylaine @MCHammer Fantastic game watching from U.K.
AL3X_M @MCHammer Oi Hammer, I saw you in a Cash 4 Gold Commercial during the Superbowl this evening!
AddisonMedia @mchammer - Love your "Gold Ad"....nice photo enjoy!
Derek D. Robertson
MarieStroughter @MCHammer Call it a hunch, but I'm beginning to think you're a Steelers fan ;). LOL!
Jerry Moore
Jerry_Moore @MCHammer Great game - Loved your commercial!
JuslisenLX @MCHammer How was it just sitting directly in front of the game? You could touch the field couldn't you? Haha
rjstaines @MCHammer Nice commercial Hammer. but did you really have to melt down the gold pants?

Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Will Brown
WillBrown @MCHammer, Glad to see you on the small screen again. You and your gold medallion of you wearing your gold medallion.
John Sherrod
Richard Loat
Elias Manuel
eliasmusic @MCHammer you the best homie, the game is crazy!!
Lee Pollak
LeePollak @MCHammer instant classic! tops last year. Amazing!
heliotropik @mchammer what was with that cash4gold commercial?
Alex Garcia
magonepro @MCHammer and your commercial was awesome man!!!
Andy Losik
mrlosik @mchammer Freaking Sweet! LMAO my man!
Joan M
Vernon Brown
Martha Sperry
advocatesstudio @MCHammer Thanks for the awesome TwitPic - made Twitter's night with that one.
Jody Colvard
JodyColvard @MCHammer great commercial and loved the superbowl pics, thanks for sharing #superbowl
Paula Lynn Cooper
MrsMcGwire @MCHammer From your keyboard to God's ears!
Steve Worrall
quick13 @mchammer, Star of the Cash4Gold ad with Ed McMahon is tweeting & posting Twitpics from the Superbowl, his ad was one of best! #superbowlads
Jeanette Fisher
jeanettejoy @mchammer - Thanks for sharing. I had to miss some of the game and your pictures helped make it up.


Colin Kelly said...

Yo Hammer.

How about a shout for your Scottish fans. We talk about you every day on Clyde 1 in Glasgow.

peace out.

Colin Kelly

Ken Baker said...

That was a tight commercial i saw on tv the other day that was real sweet Hammer