Saturday, February 07, 2009


  1. ndhculturetalent @MCHammer thank you for spreading the love! shift indeed. crisis = change.
  2. WalterAkanaWalterAkana @MCHammer: Have also had the experience of feeling the shift before knowing about Look forward to seeing it!
  3. BrianJeanesBrianJeanes @MCHammer at first I thought, Oh another doomsday, scare you movie...I stayed with it and MAN..I gotta tell ya it looks inspiring
  4. PleasureellisPleasureellis @MCHammer Socialize is a cold peace of work.. I can't stop playing it Hamm.. that's my workout treadmill anthem!!!!
  5. solange knowlessolangeknowles @MCHammer woooowwww. Stank you very much! Thanks for the convo too, your a smart motha-motha:)
  6. Eric HooverSpikeBlu @MCHammer Wow! That trailer really gets you thinking. I am going to sign up and check this out.
  7. meganhilarios @MChammer did you see america's best dance crew?
  8. Justin ChandlerJustin_Chandler @MCHammer nice to follow you. Hammer don't hurt em.
  9. Sag29Sag29 @MCHammer There prob was. I saw the preview of the movie today, It seems VERY interesting. Maybe it will deliver some answers (?)
  10. Neal Rapoportnealrap Icon_lock @MCHammer I was listening to Pray earlier... Still so meaningful and awesome!
  11. George T. StraughterBishopGTS @MCHammer I have been saying Atmospheric Shift for 6 mos. It was the theme of our conference last week.
  12. heathercastheathercast @MCHammer I love that! that's awesome! RT: MCHammer's link that is so cool ---->
  13. Tresa Htresah @MCHammer thanks. a conscious group effort to shift. this reminds me of "what the bleep", the movie.
  14. Denise LaymanSorka @MCHammer Wow... I remember when you said that. Do you think we can attribute some of this shift to community built because of new media?
  15. Mark Lindsey @ TSTalkingSpeaker @MCHammer Sweet find Hammer! Pay it forward, baby! RT The Shift
  16. Bruce Wagnerbrucewagner @mchammer I'm thrilled & honored that I was the one who first told you about The Shift. :) "There is only love."
  17. detrickdetrick @MCHammer very interesting..thanks for that link
  18. HughEMCHughEMC @MCHammer Man i felt it going 2 work the next we gotta be the role models 4 the Icon instead of Vice Versa
  19. borbayborbay @MCHammer MC, you probably hear this all the time, but Too Legit To Quit was an anthem for me and my friends growing up
  20. Melissaknitnrun @MCHammer Wow. Powerful. These are the things that keep me up at night.

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Ricardo Cabrera Cosano said...

MC HAMMER!!! Menudo crack!!!