Saturday, January 31, 2009


I was just thinking about the people whom you will never here from again as a result of these tough economic times. They were built and made for good times and in good times. Now that times are tough, they will fold and quit because they have never known adversity. They laughed, joked and even applauded the adversity of others and now they will have to show what they are truly made of.
The intestinal fortitude rent is due. Do you have anything inside of you to make the payment?
Witness the real you. The God of Silver and Gold is melting. Leaving his worshippers for dead.


Stefania Castelli said...

Yes, you're right. Like a warm bath removes any make-up trace, the hard-times we're fronting from now on, will make come to light the real feelings, as well as any undressed hypocrisy...

Thank you MC for your food (for thought).


Anonymous said...

Iam happy glad that Jesus said, "he will never leave us nor forsake us" these times may be tough my brother but God is bigger than all of this, we have to just believe in him that is able to do abundently more than we could ever imagine..

john rankins

Colin Kelly said...

Yo Hammer peace up. Colin Kelly from Clyde 1 radio station in Glasgow here. Loving your blog. Agree about the tough economic times and that's why we need more Hammer on the radio. So I try to drop your tunes whenever I can. How about a big shout to your Scottish fans on your next blog?


Imran Ali said...

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