Tuesday, December 16, 2008

BLAST24: Tweets....at large....

kreeseis @MCHammer Nice work Hammer. While a boy needs a good man in his life, he can do just fine as long as he has love as a replacement.
Jestin Stoffel
digitaljestin @MCHammer How do you manage to tweet so much with such a large family?
FloridaFuture @MCHammer That's amazing....raising your sister's boys. Good for you. Single moms: You can do anything you set your mind to (from sngl mom)
Geoff Mendicino
mendicino @MCHammer hey dude, anyway i can get you to rep my up-and-coming website: freezecracker.com ? i love you
Amber Neely
amberneely @MCHammer YOU ARE ON TWITTER? Dear sweet Jesus, that is awesome.
Jon Baker
JonBaker @MCHammer, I'm 2 legit 2 *NOT* follow you on Twitter.
fluffy @MCHammer (I am sure you've never heard that one before)
Rainbeaux Sue
rainbeaux @MCHammer Hello! Following you now. So have you seen the orc dance in World of Warcraft?
fluffy @MCHammer Am I allowed to touch it now? Or is it still off-limits?
Dave Wiskus
dwiskus @MCHammer This year I only have one Christmas wish: Please, Hammer, don't hurt 'em
Roman Verzub
romanv @MCHammer I totally agree with you. They need to embrace something like @creativecommons licenses, like @jonathancoulton did.
John Mundy
Mundinator @MCHammer Which Activision studio were you at?
famoustwits @MCHammer, @jonathancoulton said you are awesome cause you reply to all tweets. Is this true? (:
crosswalk_com @MCHammer "gotta save the "business" of music from self destruction and greed" Is that even really possible?
DavidNewby @MCHammer: I trust you had a great time in L.A., brother! I haven't been out in 5 months now & I miss friends. Sending some 405 love ur way!
allisa @MCHammer today is my birthday and all I want is a birthday wish from you.
DJ Skyy
djskyy1 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Do u have any words of wisdom for a single mom trying to make it?
Turd_Ferguson @MCHammer you brush your teeth and get to bed young man. we will discuss this staying out all night crap when i get home from work!
chuckhester @MCHammer - move to North Carolina!
yarncoture @MCHammer Move to big "D"...Dallas that is...big bling, BARBEQUE!!
Brad Schwarzenbach
Big Sexy
Cosmin Ghiu
cosguru @mchammer where are you flying to?
Marcelo Yanez
leicamaster @MCHammer the economy is down the drain
lainiep @MCHammer Major adjustments. Wow.
Jean Lozada
naturaljeanie @MCHammer safe travels and Godspeed!
YASMiNBOO @MCHammer, they took a hint from Fergie & took they broke asses home. :)
David Buffalo
Jean Lozada
heve Icon_red_lock @MCHammer : God bless her for being a the best mom & wife and god bless you as well for having a woman liker her to back u up..
heve Icon_red_lock @MCHammer LOL.. I can still do a mean azz runner man.. lol
Jean Lozada
naturaljeanie @MCHammer you said a curse word....
Dave Wiskus
dwiskus @MCHammer returns follows. Unexpectedly classy, and a smart use of Twitter.
Casey Payne
miltownkid @MCHammer Oh shit! I forgot about http://dancejam.com/ lol! miltownkid is about to start boogieing on the regular. :D
Kimberly Bock
Kimberly_Bock @MCHammer Im almost 40. Never heard that before. Aint nothing but a chicken wing??
bii @MCHammer /70s slang, chicken wing/ Ooh. First I remember hearing that phrase was in a lyric of Imani Coppola's "Legend Of A Cowgirl".
matsonian @MCHammer "What it is... What it is"
MrMarcusX @MCHammer Please Mr. Hammer Please...help a brother out. http://omart.tumblr.com/
Ari Burton
AriBurton @McHammer I Have a new post up on www.TheBurtonReport.com you'll love it. Pure American!
allisa @MCHammer Thank you so much! You definitely made this a bday to remember!!
Chenet LaRose
MrMarcusX @MCHammer I know u helped out a lot of folk in the past.could you spare a 7 spot ($7.00).get u 5 hot Obama American KING stickers. Art.
Gwenn Lund
Glund @MCHammer Beverly Hillbillies in reverse baby...load up the truck and move to ? How about MI? Detroit could use MC Hammer-remember Motown?
scrapplesandwic @MCHammer Hey Hammer, @dasit said I need to talk to you about playing his music and/or getting an interview on our show. What do I need?
John Hussein Eddy
jaydeflix @MCHammer Beverly Sills'...backyard, that is. Homeless shelter... Livin' in a tent. Well, I almost got the right beat structure.
Ian Cory Drake
idrake76 @MCHammer 70's slang...I still use it to this day!
K R Bankston
KRBTheAuthor @MCHammer yeaaaaaah you went back on that one! LOL :)
Jim Turner
Genuine @MCHammer Feel free to move to Denver. I have a guest room until you get moved in. But you have to watch my kids.
Ian Cory Drake
Richard DAnjolell
cindyoohlala @MCHammer Moving to Cucamonga? Yee-haw! Or maybe Fontucky?
Dan Lopez
danlopez2012 @MCHammer I heard Utah And Alabama were hurtin for people... there's a move to 4 ya!
Richard Bernier
Rich_at_Dell @MCHammer That sounds strange, so do you think it's the economy? Or is that an obvious question?
DipDipDip @MCHammer Move to Monsey, New York. Home to lots of Orthodox Jews. You'll love it!
KingofSway @MCHammer how can I help you, MC. Peace, Stage Hypnotist Simone
DJ Skyy
djskyy1 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer thanks for the words of wisdom, im doing my best
Tyler Humphrey
VibeA Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Have a safe flight:)
TechFrog (Jim)
TechFrog @MCHammer Damn you hammer now I want Roscoes Chicken n Waffles
JimmyRobbins @MCHammer I believe the Beverly Hillbillies were originally from Branson, MO. Hahaha.
arnell70508 @MCHammer Everybody's pocketbooks must be getting hard. Rodeo Drive?
Chip McComb
rocketchip @MCHammer move to Indianapolis... if you won't miss the sun, ocean, and mountains.
Jennifer Phelps
BuckPimpette77 @MCHammer I thought it was AIN'T NO THANG BUT A CHICKEN WANG
LadyLiv @mchammer... i can dig it! its all the way live! lol
Steven Klassen
Roxanne Diana
RoxanneDiana @MCHammer re: Chicken Wing slang... my hairdresser says that all the time, and I thought she made it up! Ha!
mscrismusic @MCHammer lol... i remember that and i was born in the late 80s. how bout "im all that and a big chips" or "can i get fries wit that shake"
LadyLauraSmith Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Thought it was ain't nothin but a chicken wang. ?
Bill Mitchell
askbillmitchell @MCHammer Funny, I think Barry Zito said the same thing when he left Oakland.
themba @MCHammer exactly.. "Ain't no thing but a chicken wing" with thing and wing sounding more like "thang" and "wang."
theobamafeed @MCHammer I know u helped out a lot of folk in the past.could you spare a 7 spot ($7.00).get u 5 hot Obama Ameri.. http://tinyurl.com/6j6m9y
Pj Perez
pjperez @MCHammer Obama and Clinton in the White House, another Kennedy in the Senate? It's a Democrat's wet dream if it happens.
Mark Tracy
Mr. Incognito
GFTD1 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer fixin' to turn this mother out and do some real work today... after I input these 25 clients
smaragdis @MCHammer Hallelujah from the Amen Chorus on Caroline Kennedy.
designcurve Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I haven't heard that in forever and a day. Nice! I'm going to have to work that into my meeting at the office today... LOL
benja @MCHammer I like Caroline too. She is solid. Run tell dat!
LexusEvents @MCHammer I found it funny that folks says that she dont have any experience, whole family is political, what do u think they talked about?
frankmorrison @MCHammer it's better then Fran for senate, LOL
shannatrenholm @MCHammer Why, MC? Please tell us why :)
GailTravel @MCHammer U know they're mad b/c Caroline didn't pay her "dues" to the political machine!
Liza Sabater
blogdiva @MCHammer that's because you don't live in NYC :D the politics behind her are a bit ... ahem ... ugly :-/
Oh So Rad
_ohsorad @MCHammer what about fran drescher?
Lez Girl in the City
Lipstick_NYC Icon_red_lock @MCHammer gotta love Hammer! I grew up listening to ya...hammer pants and all (just black ones not the shiny ones LOL)
fluffy @MCHammer So how do you keep up with twitter with your nearly 12,000 follows? I have a hard enough time keeping up with my 45!
saskwatch @MCHAMMER I think the Senior Adult Hip-Hop Choir owes you a royalty check, seriously. http://is.gd/6LVK
Michael Mealling
mmealling @MCHammer it does feel a bit like 1975 doesn't it?
Zach Monroe
Steven Klassen
cnmoody @mchammer needs an equivalent of the RickRoll. Maybe hammer don't hurt 'em?
hon3ykitt3n @MCHammer i also say yes to her. When Hilary became senator, they were skeptic of her, but she did fine. Any Kenndy will make New York proud
James Robson
salavant @MCHammer I like that metaphor you did there.
heykaren @MCHammer Caroline will bring the grace of her mother and the savvy of her dad to that senate seat. Ted Kennedy? Who's that?
kinganyi @MCHammer u say Beverly Hillbillies in reverse.. I say Pursuit of Happyness in reverse
Benjamin Lechlitner
blechlit @MCHammer you can tell by looking at ted :)
famoustwits @MCHammer Bush Snr eat fast food, Bush jnr eat humbl pie, Clinton eat away from home, Obama is host of a great party
klaatu barda nikto
klaatu @MCHammer Chicken Wing? I always thought that old 70s phrase went "Ain't nothin' but a sammitch."
virtualcfo @MCHammer Just remembered Keep On. I took bankruptcy of my first startup business in 2006 now I help startups as a CPA. Keeping On:)
firedancergirl @MCHammer Well said on the Kennedy's!
wirerat1 @MCHammer that is exactly why Kennedy shouldn't be appointed. We aren't ruled by kings. Clinton, Bush, Kennedy all need to go away.
HAZIQ @MCHammer chuuuch! Bushes eat good too... tho im not sure how they sleep..lol
Jof Arnold
JofArnold @MCHammer Heard your Soundcloud shout at the Techcrunch event :) Definitely some Hammer fans in the audience
Leslie Irish Evans
LIEvans @MCHammer Yes, but isn't she going up against Andrew Cuomo? He's got some pretty good credentials, too. Big Family Feud there.
careerengineer @MCHammer This is SO REAL...and so TRUE. The Decisions that impact the MOST people are done "At the dinner table" of a FEW People.
Michael Murdock
docmurdock @MCHammer Yo! Break out some filet mignon and some DOM for the BBQ! Oh and get that girl to put some RAIDERS Football on the projector! :)
cdwebb @MCHammer They may eat good, but it's nice to see some folks that could eat at your house as well.
joshua arnao
joshuaarnao @MCHammer they eat alot better than most
Alex Walters

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