Monday, December 15, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question "Validation" and " HIT" cost..

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ReTwitter: @ MCHammer: RT @petercoffin I doubt the age of the hit is done. Rick Astley is a Hit 2.0 ..
2008-12-15 06:58:40
@MCHammer A hit isn't a chart position now. A hit can be many things, but if it becomes a meme it's definitely a "hit."
2008-12-15 06:52:08
@MCHammer, you were nominated by @poke__egg (and 4 others) for a #music Shorty Award
2008-12-15 06:35:27
@shortyawards i nominate @MCHammer for the category #music because he's MC Hammer. like you need any other reason.
2008-12-15 06:35:03
@greggrunberg congrats on the shorty nomination! i voted for ya. it was hard to choose between you and @MCHammer. hahaha.
2008-12-15 06:12:11
@jeremymeyers i agree we should avoid self destruction and greed (@mchammer) but also find a new way of doing things. good point jeremy.
2008-12-15 05:39:01
@MCHammer can chuck norris touch you?
2008-12-15 05:10:11
MC Hammer is on Twitter
2008-12-15 03:52:30
@MCHammer it's not greedy for people in the music biz. to want to survive. go make $, but pls hammer don't hurt them.
2008-12-15 02:47:10
Tuned into @MCHammer HammerTime Radio's mad tunes & interviews:
2008-12-15 02:44:21
Oh Snap... Go add @MCHammer
2008-12-15 02:42:41
listening 2 @MCHammer's playlist on - cool tunes!
2008-12-15 02:23:35
Save the "business" of music from self destruction & greed. @MCHammer thats a tall order, if any1 can, U can. I left biz it b4 it got 2 bad
2008-12-15 02:14:15
@MCHammer Thanks, Hammer! It's always nice to get love from the East Bay! and go ahead, Hurt 'em!
2008-12-15 02:04:36
@MCHammer to quote a leader of our time, change has come. But I can't give you all the details here. If you want, send a private msg
2008-12-15 02:04:08
@MCHammer Shoot and I thought I said that with such poetic comedy ;)
2008-12-15 02:03:44
@MCHammer: Hit 2.0 is about snowballs instead of blockbusters -- viral not pay-ola.
2008-12-15 02:03:41
@MCHammer you are amazing. thank you. :)
2008-12-15 02:00:04
ReTwitter: @ MCHammer: RT@yvettetalk ..good ?. I still think it's a game of how much u r willin 2 pa..
2008-12-15 01:58:17
@MCHammer You should try LastFM! It's great at tracking your music in periodic increments.
2008-12-15 01:57:47
@MCHammer: Music 2.0 is where artists, fans, and sponsors all win.
2008-12-15 01:54:21
@MCHammer I've always wondered. There are always good songs that aren't there, and ones that are that leave much to be desired.
2008-12-15 01:41:58
@MCHammer but how do you guarentee viralization? That's the trick isn't it?
2008-12-15 01:39:17
@MCHammer Very well said!
2008-12-15 01:28:46
@MCHammer What music do you listen to?
2008-12-15 01:28:44
ReTwitter: @ MCHammer: RT@livedomainer Music3.0 is this: 1.Labels die.2.Websites rise.. 3.Digitize....
2008-12-15 01:27:45
ReTwitter: @ MCHammer: RT@livedomainer age of the "HIT" is over. Were listn'n to thelongtail now. WH..
2008-12-15 01:27:42
@MCHammer Gonna say it was always ppl we know over hollywood.! Or the papers or the media. Turn off the TV & Radio. Go Net, free speech 4Ev
2008-12-15 01:26:23

@MCHammer I thought it was Casey Kasem that determined the top 40!? ;)
2008-12-15 01:25:12
@MCHammer Is there any chance we could see you on Dancing with the stars?
2008-12-15 01:23:49
@MCHammer But why not have it change? Life changes and music needs to change with life. I could totally see/use a Google trends for music.
2008-12-15 01:16:21
@MCHammer...good ?. I still think it's a game of how much u r willin 2 pay-ola under the table & politics of "big name" & "big management"
2008-12-15 01:01:03
@MCHammer with new tech and social media, a "hit" can be made for nothing. Question is, can a star? There's a big diff bt stars & phenomenon
2008-12-15 01:00:29
@MCHammer a lot of it now is based on Soundscan and Arbitron numbers. More sales than anything else, as per usual.
2008-12-15 00:39:08
@MCHammer When I worked in the record industry, Top 200 was based on soundscan, sale data sent in from every major record store.
2008-12-15 00:38:13
@MCHAMMER Billboard uses metrics. Sales, airtime, and for the past 15 years digital tracking. What are you getting at?
2008-12-15 00:34:48
@MCHammer I remember Prince Billing CD prices into his concert ticket to boost his CD sales numbers and that seemed to help him out.
2008-12-15 00:33:50
@MCHammer Airplay and sales. Billboard singles charts are based on Nielsen research for airplay; Album charts based on nielsen/sales.
2008-12-15 00:31:54
@MCHammer Good question. I always wondered about that. [Ramune]
2008-12-15 00:26:52
@mchammer here is their methodology:
2008-12-15 00:24:52
@MCHammer I thought it was determined by Sound Scan. And airplay? Am I wrong?
2008-12-15 00:24:41
@MCHammer Billboard looks at unit sells to determine Top Single rank, right?
2008-12-15 00:24:06
@MCHammer - answer: most sales in the US, both digital and retail. Tracking begins Sunday and ends Monday.
2008-12-15 00:24:04
@MCHammer Are the words so incredibly inane that a 4 year old could have written them? If so, then it is prime for a number 1 single.
2008-12-15 00:23:20
#foe3 you should be following @MCHammer
2008-12-15 00:20:45
@MCHammer a "Hit" in one market, or nationally? What defines a "hit"?
2008-12-15 00:20:44
@MCHammer @MCHammer in music industry 2.0, is the label dead as arist can connect to fans directly?
2008-12-15 00:17:49
@MCHammer - my guess... $1.4 million... most spent on marketing?
2008-12-15 00:11:19
@MCHammer the music industry scares me. i could see myself working in the music industry if it wasn't so freighting.
2008-12-15 00:10:38
@MCHAMMER the age of the "HIT" is over. Were listn'n to thelongtail now. WHATS WORTH OUR ATTENTION? People we know or hollywoods deception?
2008-12-15 00:10:15
@MCHammer or you could just make a fly dance vid & partner with Kanye or Beyonce
2008-12-15 00:00:18
@MCHammer is this the real MC Hammer talking? :D
2008-12-14 23:55:41
@MCHammer I know of at least two artists denying all traditional "label-sponsored" opps to go to market through new mediums and strategies.
2008-12-14 23:54:46
@MCHammer Hey MC. Have you seen any of True Blood on HBO? What's your feeling on that?
2008-12-14 23:53:36
@MCHammer I believe it will be proven that artists will establish multiple sources of revenue through new live, mobile and online channels.
2008-12-14 23:52:08
@MCHammer Where possible, closed-loop digital marketing/pr that tracks hits, leads, opportunities and sales wins is super.
2008-12-14 23:50:48
@MCHammer HERETIC!!!! Are you redefining validation of a hit based on something other than pure economics??
2008-12-14 23:50:10
@MCHammer "Validation of a hit"? Please Hammer, don't hurt Chaka!
2008-12-14 23:49:53

@MCHammer how do we do that Hammer? any theories?
2008-12-14 23:49:49
@BrettRadin oh yeah Hammer is on Twitter. @MCHammer
2008-12-14 23:48:52
@MCHammer I am sure you will adjust fine you seem like a good guy. It would be nice for CDs to follow in DVD's foot steps and have extras.
2008-12-14 23:48:49
@MCHammer When do we get new tunes? :D
2008-12-14 23:48:21
@MCHammer Gimme some love for my Bday MC!
2008-12-14 23:48:20
@ mchammer: can you define the new validation?
2008-12-14 23:47:53
RT @MCHammer: The music industry (1.0 ) is dead and being reborn in 2.0. to get ahead and find your place in PR or mkting you must adjust
2008-12-14 23:46:07
@MCHammer, touche! same for the film industry
2008-12-14 23:45:08
@MCHammer id say the industry is far from dead. its just dead in the corporate control and manufacture sense.
2008-12-14 23:44:07
@MCHammer hiya how you going?
2008-12-14 23:42:18
FYI the @MCHammer podcast interview will be live tomorrow morning on , tweet you then!
2008-12-14 23:27:11
@MCHammer visiting Those are some Twweeeeet moves!
2008-12-14 22:22:34
@MCHammer you cheer me up
2008-12-14 22:07:44
@McHammer, you were nominated by @ThePiz (and 2 others) for a #music Shorty Award
2008-12-14 21:57:23
I am now following @MCHammer on Twitter. That is all.
2008-12-14 21:54:40
What is @mchammer's top secret project with Activision?
2008-12-14 21:53:46
@MCHammer Great video about the Steppaholics. Thanks for Sharing!
2008-12-14 21:39:21
@bockchoy did I mistake your feed for @mchammer?
2008-12-14 20:52:27
@MCHammer Thanks for the follow!!!! Let us know the next time your in KC and we'll hook you up with some killer bbq.
2008-12-14 20:46:42
@MCHammer is following me.
2008-12-14 20:43:44
@kanter @stephenfry is definitely the man himself and I hear @MCHammer is also the real deal!
2008-12-14 18:55:16
@sundaycosmetics truth be told, i can understand @mchammer being busy, but regular folks should tweet back
2008-12-14 18:38:56
Started following Hammer ( Time to sleep. Goodnight.
2008-12-14 18:23:29
@MCHammer tnx Mc : )
2008-12-14 18:01:41
@mchammer watchin you on 100 greatest hip hop songs, on VH1! :)
2008-12-14 17:19:31
@crystal_bell2 looks like @mchammer did some replies on the 13th. maybe online now accord to last tweet from web
2008-12-14 17:18:28
Jogo do MC Hammer?
2008-12-14 16:27:09
Here's to @mchammer for the smiles and energy he has brought and for those of us who still think no one can touch MCHammer. Go Hammer!
2008-12-14 15:27:35
@MCHammer, you were nominated by @MagnetixSQL (and 3 others) for a #entertainment Shorty Award
2008-12-14 15:24:22
@MCHammer WOW that is amazing energy right there!
2008-12-14 15:15:46

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