Monday, December 01, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question..What Would U Celebrate About Women?

Brett Hays
bhays81 @MCHammer good idea putting your Twitter stream on your site. Did you do that yourself?
JimmyRobbins @MCHammer do you have a favorite Bible verse? If so, could you share? (mine is John 15:18)
BitchBuzz @MCHammer We'd be more than happy to help out!
marathoner @MCHammer EVERYTHING except maybe some movie choices :)
xzqx @MCHammer The fact that when we cum, we don't have to clean anything up.
Tim Walton
Deadcrayon @mchammer a woman completes a man. I would celebrate that compassion that... bond.
AnnetteJH @MCHammer Yep, I'm a writer. Berkeley native, BHS alumn, former sportswriter at Oakland Trib. Claudell Washington close friend.
donnadoreen @MCHammer a good woman has a nurturing heart, selfless attitude, is creative, kind and a Sacred life-bearer.
promotingyou Icon_red_lock @mchammer thanks for the follow request!! Have a great day!
ShawnaCoronado @MCHammer I'm a writer - would love to contribute.
sensuouswife @MCHammer way cool. I'm looking forward to that
lallaine santos
elle_pinky @MCHammer that I am one! Mind, body and soul! It's a lot to celebrate.
BitchBuzz @MCHammer Their ability to stand up for their beliefs & balance the weight of the world on their shoulders with both grace & ferociousness.
lilshelle21 @MCHammer Yeah! I think they still are friends actually. I haven't talked to John in a while though. Greg's my dad, so that's why I asked.:)
Rick Rakauskas
fitnessbyphone @MCHammer re women - celebrate the feminine ones who revel in their femaleness - celebrate the difference between men and women and be glad
chrisfloyd @MCHammer Is this really you or an imposter?
danielaszasz @MCHammer you can recommand if u like every woman u feel close, her book "Come closer" from Chameli God Ardagh..they will love it

danielaszasz @MCHammer wooow-thats very cool!.. Im Impressed! Do u know Chameli Ardagh from USA? she does a lot for the feminine..
SheilaKberg @MCHammer a women's deep capacity to love fiercely
ella marie
twees @mchammer what a great gesture...gotta get the word out on that one!
greggrunberg @mchammer what's up? Greg grunberg from Heroes here. nice interview on BradmanTV. I did it too. Hilarious.
Bump Magazine
Zane Savage
zanesavage @MCHammer Put simply Hammer, w/o women, we wouldn't exist. They've come a long way in the last 100 years, but still have barriers to break.
Jim Legington
VisionSphere @MCHammer Many Value a True Relationship with Jesus Christ. True Love is important & their sons learn to love because they paint a Picture.
LouisColumbus @MCHammer In a word, rationality.My wife is infinitely more patient & rational than I. Women are great at keeping life centered & balanced
Kyle Cherry
iSamurai @MCHammer I see you intro'd Souljah Boy at youtube live..You seriously like this guy? Preaching poison IMO, killing hip-hop.
matsonian @MCHammer I've always celebrated mother's day as Glorious Woman's Day to celebrate all women and the greatness they bring to our lives.
lezzymom @MCHammer Wow - What is there not to celebrate about women!
MINDSTREAMRADIO @MCHammer we ae doing the same on the show wednesday night!
Jake Dahn
jakedahn @mchammer dude you need some post cleanup, that page is gigantic and takes way too long to load
CrystalClear @MCHammer motherhood!!!! can not celebrate that enough in my book!
Corey Abrams
CoreyDTT @MCHammer I was just telling friend about Twitter and told her I was a "friend" of yours, she just about lost it... she's hott too!
ghennipher @MCHammer How we're "hard-wired" for greatness...Women are mothers, teachers, leaders of organizations, etc.
Bryan Tillett
Straightedge14 @MCHammer the fact that they put up with all of our crap and still love us
April Braswell
TechFrog @MCHammer The fact that I don't understand them and never will. Hallelujah!

Josh Craig
joshuatylrcraig @mchammer where do you get the ideas for your songs?
donnadoreen @MCHammer I just peeped & read through - inspiring, brilliant minds!! big ups dds/north
odonnell @MCHammer Check out my son at 4 months, already steppin :)
Jim Legington
VisionSphere @MCHammer Persistence in prayer to God Our Father In Jesus name, Hammer-that is the Solution. Starts with the heart, What did You hear?
writegud @MCHammer Count me in. Whenever. Wherever.
FriarWade @MCHammer Peace and Goodwill to you. Hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving!
caaarlo @mchammer would love to contribute to your site sometime!
Cherie Burbach
brrbach @MCHammer Ooooh, pick me - pick me~! I have a story that would inspire others.
voyagerfan5761 @mchammer I'm sure you got it, but just in case... Your follower count is 11010 at this moment, which is 25 in binary. Geek humor.
Claudia Joy MacCloud
ClaudiaMacCloud @MCHammer don't no bout everyone else, but I can only write from what's in my heart, ask me 2 write in gen, i'd have to give a blank repy:(
loracle15 @MCHammer those that want it bad enough separates those that have it from those that don't
voyagerfan5761 @mchammer So you have 25 followers, eh? ;-) Not bad.
Heather Larson
heatherlarson @MCHammer writer flock to twitter. we are social beasts. like rappers.
Jason Crouch
jasoncrouch @MCHammer Let me know how to be considered for this. I would love to participate!
Kathleen Couch
kathcouch @MCHammer I would love to be a part of featured blogs. I have 2, but if I have to choose, it would be http://www.MyHeartForHondur...
HairBoutique @MCHammer How nice of you to offer to feature your various writers. I am just hoping some day to do feature on you.
xSEANxLONGx @MCHammer Hammer You Are Too Awesome! I Still Remember Watching Your Saturday Cartoon HammerMan You are My SuperHero!
John O'Hara
Simone di Santi
ARoadRetraveled @MCHammer What about travel topics?? :)

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