Sunday, November 30, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question..Define "IT"

donnadoreen @MCHammer "it" is 1.)talent 2.)opportunity 3.)confidence 4.)social capitol(social contacts)
Keith Campbell
KCinWPB @MCHammer a talent , thought or view inherant to some and desired by many.
Bali_chris @MCHammer "It" is something others see in you that you do not see in yourself
I Have A Bone 2 Pic
bone2pic @MCHammer Hey thanks for the follow Hammer. Bought fricken time :P
cynlfg @MCHammer Passion to live life's potential + social intelligence + skill + luck...the first being the most important I think
Carlton Flowers
carltonf @MCHammer "it" = faith, belief. Believing that you have it before it is there. Praying as if the answer has already been given. Is that it?
Giles Baggott
SusanJones @MCHammer if you have it you have already defined it. If you don''ve defined that as well. I have it. Just say'n.
Phil S.
tscheeler @MCHammer Good question. Charm, personality, and wealth in that order.
michel v
michelv @mchammer: as far as a definitions go, all I know is that I can't touch "it" (yes, let me be the 456th to do this exact reply)
HAZIQ @MCHammer it= discipline+work ethic
Josh "G" McDonald
sophistifunk @MCHammer Freedom. Be it political, physical, or economic.
marathoner @MCHammer "impact" starts with I, ends with T. "A life is not important except in the impact it has on other lives." - Jackie. That's "it".
Revsleestaxx @MCHammer "It" is it it the synchronization with everything and everyone. it is the ability to deliver on time
theunsinkableML @MCHammer "it" is grit, charisma, social intelligence, and unflagging optimism.
TMAC_9127 @MCHammer "It" is actually defined by the person that has "it" or the person struggling to have "it". Whatever "it" is defines the person.
djgoofywhitekid @mchammer its the ability to command peoples attention. not a quantifiable attribute tho, either have it or don't.
Mia Cupcake
miacupcake @mchammer what "it" really is is self-confidence and goals for the future. those who sink, and those who swim ;)


Dana Kaminski said...

"Je Ne Sais Quoi"
is what that "it" is called in French!

Translation: means having that
"I don't know WHAT" quality!

Everyone recognizes it, and "it" appeals to everyone, but.."it" is un-definable!
If your "it" is in "acting" , or your "itch"!
Please come to my is specifically for you, for those with a burning desire to act.

All those with "it", are welcome!~
Twitter name is __dana__

north/dds said...

Such inspiring answers - I think everyone who responded has "it" as a potential... : )

Stay Blessed,

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