Monday, December 01, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question: Does Starbucks give medical benefits?

Ken Goyette
kgoyette @MCHammer I don't know about Starbucks, but Chili's did.
Andrew Spott
aspott @MCHammer I heard that as long as you work 20+ hours a week, yes, they give you full medical
LiliCosic @MCHammer Surely your career isn't going that bad?;)
BabushkaBlue @MCHammer RE Starbucks benefits. YES! It's true:
C. Gervin
cgervin @MCHammer yes. part-timers there can get health insurance.
seher sikandar
rehes @MCHammer yep - so i've heard. you have to work 30hrs.
Andrew Wells
awells1970 @MCHammer I have heard that starbucks gives medical benefits to part time help I think I saw it on TV about the company
ildolceamore @MCHammer yea I read about that a few days ago in BusinessWeek, 20+ hours and you're covered. Not too shabby.
Kim Wells
kwells2416 @MCHammer yes Starbucks does provide medical benefits to pt workers
galadriel1326 @MCHammer I believe you only have to work 17 or 18 hours a week to qualify for health benefits.
hebrewzzi @MCHammer: That is correct, Sir.
John Morgan
bizownersonline @MCHammer absolutely. I don't know if they still do, but they used to cover weight loss surgery for pt workers too.
Meghan Messner
Kari Quaas
Simone di Santi
ARoadRetraveled @MCHammer So now I have to think of something REALLY impressive to write about :) Most of my good stuff is in video format...
Sophie Robbins
thedogsdish @MCHammer Hello! I was just doing the HammerTime dance w/ my teen in the kitchen the other day♪♫♪♫your legacy lives on!
Shannan Powell
slpowell @MCHammer Thanks so much for the follow back! You're much admired around here!

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