Monday, December 01, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question: Does Starbucks give medical benefits?

jeff mccann
jmmccann @MCHammer and stock options. The medical plan is very good.
MustangGtguy03 @MCHammer yes it's true hammer I used to work there
Djrayyadig Headed back to Central Michigan University I heard the snow is terrible up there
BitchBuzz @MCHammer You're very welcome! ;)
RashadJennings @MCHammer From what I've heard they do give med. benefits to part time employees. Its a good company.
erinlacey Icon_red_lock @MCHammer it's true. i've heard they are the best as far as benefits go.
Carl Starrett
chslaw @MCHammer Starbucks makes benefits available to part timers that average 20 hours a week or more at heavily discounted rates.
Wendy P G
winnypooh Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I heard that... Ikea does I know.
Brandon Ball
BrandonBall @MCHammer sure is. One of the only companies that cares enough to do so.
Carl Starrett
chslaw @MCHammer One of our friends is a store manager at Starbucks...I will ask and let you know.
Cindy Morse
CindyMorseVA @MCHammer I hope you enjoyed your Starbucks coffee!!
tweetlation @MCHammer someone has translated your tweet at
dj mo beatz
djmobeatz @MCHammer if it is true I might need a application!!
illiniry @MCHammer apparently starbucks part-timers have to work 20 hrs/week:
rlgroshans @MCHammer It is true, as far as I have found out while doing research for a report.
Ben Roodman
BRoodman @MCHammer Yeah, my hair stylist just worked there part time so she could have medical benefits
dotBen @MCHammer try the new espresso truffle - its good and it's also a product(red) so they give money to charity!
HughEMC @MCHammer They playing 2legit 2 quit on KMEL right now swear 4 god fam

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