Monday, December 01, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question: Does Starbucks give medical benefits?

ramonr @MCHammer My friend was saying you live in the Central Valley (Tracy) if so we are not that far apart. I live in Stockton.
Bill Carroll
billcarroll @MCHammer only the Hammer could drive, DANCE, and tweet at the same time. We need some Hammer Time!
Brady J. Frey
bradyjfrey @MCHammer steer clear of that chocolate salted drink, 600+ calories in a 8 oz cup!
mazzie @mchammer starbucks does a lot of good, from fair trade coffee to good web design. :)
HappyHourBoston @MCHammer did you know u should follow me...and ghampceo
jennet @mchammer yes if they average more than 20 hrs per week. Also profit sharing and 401k for PT. It's a great company to work for.
Jamie L
beth b.
tigerflight @mchammer yes! and a pound of coffee with each paycheck. I think. Or maybe per week.
Ranma Saotome
djranmas @MCHammer Yes. I used to work for them. As long as you worked a minimum of 18 hours a week for 3 months, you get full coverage, IIRC.
davidrees @MCHammer Getting a PT job at Starbucks has been one of the best solutions to uninsured pregnancy.
Brady J. Frey
bradyjfrey @MCHammer Yep, that's true. Apparently the owner of Starbucks is a huge advocate of medical rights after seeing his father struggle
rcamp004 @MCHammer yes, it is true. Starbux used to give my friend med. benefits when he worked there.
all_is_one84 @MCHammer yes you have to work like 20 osme hours a week it's pretty sweet
davidrees @MCHammer I know they used to give medical to PT workers. They are doing a lot of cuts now so who knows.
SeanBartley @MCHammer Tyipical of somthing starbucks would do. Thats why I work at a quality local coffee shop, not the mainstream maddness it serves!
coo1hand1uke @MCHammer Yes sir Starbux does. Also I'd be down to write for ur site. Check out my Oakland & Bay Area hip-hop blog @
George Butler, III
earcandyblog @MCHammer Yes it is true that Starbucks gives full benes to PT workers if they work an average of 20 hours a week.

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