Thursday, November 06, 2008


MissTrade I'm blown away at the costs of buying puts on the 600 strikes of the spoos at 1.3 a pop. Damn some fear in those considering only 2 weeks
Morton Fox
mortonfox I do believe I've finally finished posting photos from the last 3 weekends. Now to go out and take more photos.
erin atherton
durtbagz holiday gift idea #289: teacher/book/school bag
dlayphoto BREAKING: Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) has accepted the position of White House chief of staff for Barack Obama.
KathrynFinney The Budget Casa 40% Off Best Fit! Flannel Sheets at Daily Deal: ..
Leslie Poston
geechee_girl Must. Write. And. Clean. House. Must. Not. Succumb. To Shiny. Shiny. Internets. ....... ZOMG, LOOK! PWNIES!
Tina McAllister
TinaMc hey peeps - @kikarose only needs 7 more followers to hit the 900 mark!! Follow her cuz she's cool and stuff. Really.
Liza Sabater
blogdiva fuck it! am ordering chinese for lunch.
pasQualle Icon_red_lock was sind den k├Âlns hippe stadtviertel?
Dave Lee
davelee Were the Wednesday morning papers the last great hurrah for the print industry?
Raymond Gilford
roguesun Rep. Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) has accepted the position of White House chief of staff for Barack Obama.
Luis Penados
pena2 been changin the channel i dont see them on the tv shows....
Chris Jones
imchris WIll I ever get my paper done?
leacha @milesevenson Is there no iPhone Firefox?
Andy C
andyctwit I also use the "reserve" term loosely. There are no reserved spots at any DeKalb School unless its marked Principal...
bassplayerswife @bassred I meant that I would bring you something at 10:15, silly.
Dan Joyce
danjoyce 364-163 w/ North Carolina. More than double! Nice job, B.O.
rachel timmerman
psychoangelfox For some reason I feel hung over even though I didn't drink last night. Classic lose/ lose.
Luis Penados
pena2 where'd all the good people gooooo...
Theo Baskind


cariocadagema said...

Wow, Hammer! You´re in excellent shape! How do you did this? You seems like a man of thirty age! Amazing, man! Congratulations!

MC Hammer said...

Thanks... dance...nutrition!!