Thursday, November 06, 2008


Replies — Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Zenophon Abraham
zennie62 @MCHammer I will use the "greens to go" -- Say, where do I get them? Thanks, man.
Flapy @MCHammer Nice to have you in Twitter !! I still remember your last live in Madrid (Spain). It was great, man !
Melodie Tao
MyMelodie @MCHammer are you THE REAL MCHammer?
Carol Saldana
cs_designs @MCHammer rock on, I'm there now. Great evening thus far. Cheers!
Roslan Bakri Zakaria
MattMuelver @MCHammer I guess I'm now officially a minority, being in the remaining 1/3 of 18-29 year olds.
donnadoreen @MCHammer right on, have fun MC!
Miguel Carrasco
miguelcarrasco @MCHammer Love your new Jam "Still Standing". Wish I could put it on my iPod! When are you releasing it? Love your new site!
Dave Curlee
davecurlee @mchammer Kik'n it at the top cuz your 2.0 legit to quit....
Dave Curlee
davecurlee @mchammer Didn't know you were on twitter. Glad to follow you brother.
daynah @MCHammer Enjoy. Web 2.0 parties are the best kind. Hammer Time!
Allen Walker
Allen_Walker @MCHammer That's where I need to be.
Claudia Joy MacCloud
Taryn Gabrielle
taryn_gabrielle @MCHammer That is a powerful message of hope in this time of change! Thank you for sharing it with me.
Tom Gardner
nitewraith @MCHammer I learned a long time ago, "If you are going to speak your mind. Speak the truth." Listening to "Help the Children" by @MCHammer
Jason Crouch
jasoncrouch @MCHammer Yo Hammer! It's good to see you here!
Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Geeked up and Geekfit! Y'heard?!
Wes Hetrick
SupraWes @mchammer Is there anywhere to download or buy the Still Standing song, I would love to have that on my Ipod?
lee maicon

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