Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America Is Still Standing !!!!

Play this song and read the words for encouragement and healing in these tough times..
I lived it...

I been down/ I been knocked to the ground/ I been held to the ground/
where my friends at now?/ I gave and I gave/I was raised in the days/
You make it to the top you show your people the way/
so from the top of the chart man/I gave from the heart man/
to get you out the hood and get your own apartment/
it was all based on a Dream that I had/deep in the past/
the Dream that He had/ some time it feels like I'm trapped in hell/
like murder is the case and I got no bail/
I used to walk the water but I turned and I drowned/
they found me at the bottom with a pain in my frown/
with Angels all around me holding me down/
Praying this is what he needs in his life right now/
No need to fight it I'ma go with the plan/
then God Breathed on me and told me to stand and I'm Standing/

My life was good/it was better than good/
I was gettin' how I live and givin' back to my hood/
then came a storm it blew away my ends/it blew away my friends/
and I'm startin' all over again/
you couldn't see my tears cause the rain was fallin'/
you couldn't see the hurt but my heart was ballin'/
I was knocked down while I was on my feet/
them dark side riders feared the Hope in me/
to God be the Glory He the one that made me/
evils all around me but it can't shake me/
they thought I was done, finished , gone and dead/
then God Breathed on me and told me to stand/
and I'm Standing/

gas is to high/we can't afford to fly/
the block is off the hook we these homicides/
she had a little baby but the baby did die/
she was only fifteen the baby's daddy forty-five/
every single night she held that child with pride/
but that poor baby never saw day light/

for twenty-five years we been in this house/
in ninety more days they say we gotta get out/
what we gone do?/ tell us how to survive/
I got four kids and one coming is five/
You grab your family and hold'em by the hand/
My God Breathe on them and help'em to Stand and you Standing/

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Wes Hetrick
SupraWes @mchammer Is there anywhere to download or buy the Still Standing song, I would love to have that on my Ipod?
lee maicon
leemaicon Icon_red_lock @MCHammer "geeks and nerds up" one of the funniest tweets I've seen
J'H"" class="photo fn" src="">
J'H"">salty_soul @MCHammer My job title at my new company is "Self-Styled Nerd" -- And yes, we can rule the world.
DeAnna Troupe
deannatroupe @MCHammer That was the bomb! Send that to every DJ in the country! We gotta get you back on the map!
liesforliars @MCHammer You have to see this video... they mispronounce your name and it is hilarious...
SuperGirl @MCHammer wow just read the lyrics. Keep standing .... ALL IS WELL. Believe that.
Laggie @MCHammer Thank you for the add to your many fans on twitter. Hammer don't hurt'em! Have a wonderful night.
Jason McElweenie
deneyterrio @MCHammer are you still rooted in the bay area?
Scott Gould

donnadoreen @MCHammer .. I read the song lyrics; touches the reality of what IS!! Love, North

Jason Crouch
Tom Gardner
nitewraith @MCHammer ...raps the country would be a better place. just my opinion.

Tom Gardner
nitewraith @MCHammer Americas Still Standing...One of your best...if we could get all our young people to listen to and follow the teachings in your...

joshberndt @MCHammer You still rule man! Thanks for keeping up the fight

Adam Debreczeni
AlanLamb @MCHammer great time in history to write powerful songs. Best of luck!



Unknown said...

WoW, I love it! When did u write this?

MC Hammer said...

a couple of months ago....

Steven said...

Man, awesome.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on the new site! LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the tweet feed and your positive words. Good luck on the autobiography!

MC Hammer said...


Anonymous said...

looking forward to your Bio!
You have seen so much..
learned so much,
and teach..
just as much!!

: )

Another poster for you and Fullblast!! Stay inspired!! Keep writing songs...


Anonymous said...


Unknown said...

I knew it had to be pretty recent. Well u should definitely get that released as a single, its hot!

And I see u in all those new pics, u looking like a model, Go Hammer, Go Hammer, Go! ;)