Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Replies — Updates beginning with @MCHammer

writegud @MCHammer Hey Hammer, thought you might get a kick out of this. You're part of a random Twitter couplet:
JohnLShea5 @MCHammer how did you feel about prop 8?
NikolHasler @McHammer You are doing a lot of great work. We spoke at the same event a while back, & I love how much you give of yourself.
Phil Montgomery
flip8245 @MCHammer You're a pioneer all over again Hammer!!!
Carol Saldana
CS_Designs @MCHammer Right on Hammer! Your the best ;-)
Eric Pederson
dealexpert @MCHammer I'd like to think what the country has done in electing Obama will pull most & the best of us together - hate no longer in style
erikkaarone @MCHammer Your tweets help me feel like I am keeping up with the Hammer! We loved seeing Steph and Sammie in HI.
Steven Klassen

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