Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Right on. If I could dance I'd be all about it, but in the meantime it'll be Hammer tracks in the mix for the treadmill. #geekfit
Carla Lynne Hall
carlalynnehall @MCHammer I love how you're educating your fans about Twitter. Each one, reach one and teach one!
jonv @MCHammer twitter is a great invention indeed
saskiatijger @MCHammer it was great last night wasnt it, Im still fired up, still feel like screaming out YESSS WEEE CANNNN, so happy, and relieved
rickonlinedotus @MCHammer when is your new cd coming out?
Zenophon Abraham
zennie62 @MCHammer Greens and dancing -- that's what I'm missing in my system to say fresh and ready! Thanks!
jamesbressi @MCHammer It's hammer time on Twitter. Hammer, I'm impressed with how you have adapted and what you have become. Cheers!
Mitsi McKee
sh3n3rd @mchammer so hoping my tweet makes it onto your website so that I can prove to my kids that I am - in fact - cool (sorta) :)
Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer If you get "uh, what's twitter?" from someone, send them the URL to "Twitter in Plain English". It's awesome!

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