Thursday, November 06, 2008


Brittani Davis
bwiissofly Icon_red_lock @MCHammer You'd be proud. Last night I had a dance party and definitely watched your "Can't Touch This" video. Long live MCHammer!
dlayphoto @MCHammer What other social media do you use besides Twitter? Brightkite, Facebook, etc?
Theo Baskind
TheoBaskind @MCHammer great song with the Elton John intro!! keep it up!!
Carla Lynne Hall
carlalynnehall @MCHammer Each time I visit, I really dig the twitter tweaks you're doing on your blog. You're giving me ideas!!!
jguiney @MCHammer like the new song.. but remember Hammer Don't hurt 'Em
Arleen Anderson
AlohaArleen @MCHammer and @dcrblogs did Rap come from Dr. Suess? All his books flow like Rap. Try it (giggle).
the FABE
JPhilipson @mchammer have you seen You should check it out kind of what you're doing with your website. I can get you a beta invite if you wnt
Steven Klassen

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