Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Brent Terrazas
brentter @MCHammer and I mean this with respect (to both the song + the moment), but now more than ever it is ♪"obama time"♪
sendchocolate @MCHammer Now you have me crying harder... I never thought I would live to see people do the right thing
Kevin Rose
Oz Sultan
ozsultan @mchammer a new day in America. A new day. God bless us all.
desertjul @MCHammer we have a lot to be thankful for tonight.
Tom Gardner
nitewraith @MCHammer Shades of the "West Wing"...Barack Obama = Matt Santos in the last season of that fine show.
Gregory Reading
NamasteMan @MCHammer Hold on to this feeling as there is a lot more of it coming!! Beautiful day indeed!!
Joe Vance
AboveAverageJoe @MCHammer Whole-heartedly, on every level, I agree!
strawberrypunch @MCHammer Today will always be a remembered in American history. I'm glad I was apart of it and that we were all apart of it together
Amy ~ AllAboutEnergy
allaboutenergy @MCHammer U bet Hammer, second that. so moved.
Terry Hanson
dalamaar @MCHammer Did you see Rev. Jesse Jackson???...Moved me to tears!
Derek Lyon
caseyfern @MCHammer this has been a blessed day indeed.
Aronado @MCHammer wow!! *THE* MCHammer .....?
Michael Galli
dlayphoto @MCHammer Amen...we made history.
Stephanie Buck
mark bate
markbate @MCHammer can you please do a version of "Can't Touch This" with @BarackObama pls? It'd be awesome!
Will Thomas
Aloman @MCHammer I feel you on that one man! Tears and goose bumps.

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Anonymous said...

An historical election I will never forget!!