Wednesday, November 05, 2008


Replies — Updates beginning with @MCHammer

Kim Hollis
moogleworld @MCHammer God bless America. It's an exciting time to be alive!
LaVeda H. Mason
LaVedaHMason @MCHammer Really cool to see you on Twitter... Love to hear any word on projects you're doing :-) How do I get on your mailing list?
Jack Bastide
JackBastide @MCHammer is very cool .. He actually interacts with people unlike a lot of other "big shots" on Twitter. I recommend you follow @MCHammer
LotusHussein Blossom
ghzav @MCHammer Even from France i share your enthousiasm and joy ! Gratz !
Thomas Lidforss
tlidforss @MCHammer Cool mix of blog and twitter, one for you here election frontpages in Swedish
nickjames05 Icon_red_lock @MCHammer it comforts me to see America to take this big of a step forward in my life time. i totally agree with you.
Rodney Rumford
ernmander @MCHammer Tweets on your blog look great
MeccaDonna @MCHammer **Blasting** George Clinton's 'Paint The White House Black'. I wonder what he's feeling right now:)
Kevin Chuba
theprezz @MCHammer So now that we got Obama in office does this mean its hammer time? lol sorry for the bad joke.
Jack Bastide
JackBastide @MCHammer How did you put all you @replies on your webpage like that?
firetown @mchammer glad to see your own name .com Remember checking it years ago and someone else had it
Jono Haysom
JonoH @MCHammer the world thanks your votes for Obama :)
soccerinfo @MCHammer I surely hope he can live up to it. Congratz with the right choice ;)
Brent Terrazas
brentter @MCHammer so you working on any new ventures/projects lately or just the same old stuff?
irina slutsky
irinaslutsky @MCHammer mc hammer, i'm so happy! r u happy! i cant sleep!
Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I'm looking forward to the post-election blog goodness.
Jarrod D Curry

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