Wednesday, November 05, 2008


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soccerinfo @MCHammer I surely hope he can live up to it. Congratz with the right choice ;)
Brent Terrazas
brentter @MCHammer so you working on any new ventures/projects lately or just the same old stuff?
irina slutsky
irinaslutsky @MCHammer mc hammer, i'm so happy! r u happy! i cant sleep!
Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I'm looking forward to the post-election blog goodness.
Jarrod D Curry
brendabey @MCHammer You were so right in seeing this change that came in spirit and body tonight! Obama is America's Choice! We are in transition! Yea
Gary Ware
mzjitt @MCHammer: I can hardly believe it! I feel so blessed to have lived to see this moment.
mjyazzie @mchammer: Dude! We won!!! Amazing!!!!!!!
Josh "G" McDonald
sophistifunk @MCHammer on behalf of the rest of the world (I'm *that* awesome), we're awful proud of you guys right now.
Amy ~ AllAboutEnergy
allaboutenergy @MCHammer I saw it too. I've known for a long time.... I feel like a hug! 4 you & everyone! .. (((((( ))))))
komick @MCHammer Congrats to you and all of America for turing the pages of history, and for taking it upon yourselves for making change happen!
megarudy @MCHammer I saw it too. And I still can`t believe it. Is it a dream..............Oh God.... Everything Is Really Possible
Pat Canella
adorkablegrrl @MCHammer america is thanking themselves - this is the hope of a generation and a historic, change making night... :)
tomcummings @MCHammer listening 2 ur music in jr high, i couldn't comprehend a day like this....could u imagine it while u were making it in late 80s?
Sam Bensalem
liesforliars @MCHammer i cant believe it took this long, and i cant believe this happened in my lifetime. truly one of the greatest moments in us history

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