Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Family is back !!!

The return of family is at hand. Seeing President Elect Obama and the beautiful First Lady is the right example at the right time. While we begin the long road to economic recovery here in America, we must also begin to traverse the road to the recovery of the Family unit here in America. Many of the ills and pains of our community lies in the broken family unit (single parent homes). While we recognize the great commitment and sacrifice these single parents have made and the wonderful job they do, raising a family is a two parent job. Our society is not designed or equipped to adequately support single parents. Stress and depression tend to reek havoc on the health of these hard working, over worked heads of house. I encourage you to use the example of our President Elect and his lovely family to do all you can to hold your family together and for others to find the joy of a family unit.

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Anonymous said...

I raised my son alone; and it was difficult; and my only grace, was my strong religious participation in my church(Eucharisitic Minister 10 consecutive years) and my community; and my childs school.

The broken family; is the result often, of financial hardships, accidents, or illness's. Many relationships cannot handle both financial and medical crisis simultaneously; but, that's how it works.

my son is in 3rd year college..

single parent families are guiding and loving too; just as much as 2-parent families.

It's all a matter of parent-care!!