Tuesday, November 25, 2008

BLAST24: Tweets

K581 @MCHammer Oh ok - LOL well sleep is important (maybe not more than rehersals) LOL
djpaisley Icon_red_lock @mchammer "monday night football, you can't touch this.." congrats on the espn spot =)
Kevin Murray
Kevinwmurray @MCHammer nice seeing you at YouTube live. Got some good pics of you and akon. Will post if you would like.
Jose "FUBAR" Sanchez
donfubar @MCHammer introducing Soulja Boy Tell Em at the YouTube Live event in SF...EPIC! http://tinyurl.com/6d5d6g
JimmaJam @MCHammer hey mc could you follow me?
hawtdoods @MCHammer You moves have always and remain today HAWT!
BangaloreBean @MCHammer tweetin' ain't cheatin, but it sure as hell's beatin, the art of the old fashioned face-to-face bleatin'...
Oz Sultan
ozsultan @mchammer heard its hammer time!
Sarah Austin
pop17 @mchammer going to your party now, see you again soon! Xx Sarah
Roney Smith
seedoflife @McHammer just broke 'em off a little sumthin sumthin on #youtubelive! Straight from the future!
Doomguy13 @MCHammer Yeah... those were some nice dance moves on YouTube Live... but why did you intro Soulja Boi? You are so much better!
nukirk digi.tal
nukirk @mchammer ... why are you covered up... like coverup.
flipperz @MCHammer is at YouTube Live with that boy who can't sing, what's his face... oh, Souja Boy Tell 'Em!
MarilynM @mchammer showin' the kids how it's done at #youtubelive :)
liesforliars @MCHammer great dancing on youtube live today man... really funny stuff
Rebecca Boston
bostonita @mchammer im watching you dance at youtube live! whats up with the winter hat? its summer in SF! ;-)
Jose "FUBAR" Sanchez
donfubar @MCHammer just brought thunder to YouTube Live!
Prime Suspect
primeluva @mchammer is gettin down on #youtubelive
Sam Lehman
daynah @MCHammer is on stage! It's Hammer time baby! http://www.youtube.com/live
Ed Shaz
NextInstinct @mchammer shoulda walked away from that girl, grabbed the stage showed the kids how
edwardcates @mchammer was just on YouTube live. Content is losing me. Waiting on Planet B-boy http://www.YouTube.com/live
Jose "FUBAR" Sanchez
donfubar @MCHammer you helped break down the walls of communism! Hilarious!
Rana June Sobhany
ranajune Icon_red_lock @mchammer WTF are you wearing bro?
SugeofTheRow @MCHammer im proud of you cuz. stay on the grind
keepnitreel313 @MCHammer Mc breed passed today!...I know y'all had a history...R.I.P.
PirateNetRadio @MCHammer I think i'm going to have to start saying "tweetin' ain't cheatin' " when I talk about Twitter to people...
desvai @MCHammer cant touch this! oh oh oww
Sarah's Soap Box
sarahssoapbox @MCHammer I found you thru @JackBastide, think is cool you are on twitter. Cooler that you are a brother in Christ! God bless ya! :)
Mike Figliuolo
Figliuolo @MCHammer nice to meet you. I already know you're legit. Please Hammer don't hurt me (just retweet me ;)
girlwithnoname @MCHammer LOL!! I know what you mean sir, I know exactly what you mean! so alluring, so mysterious and so dang interesting! :-)))))
Jeff Call
jeffisnotart @mchammer I never thought rapping about twitter could sound so cool.
troypayne @McHammer is making a song about twitter. I predict it to be a huge hit.
keepnitreel313 @MCHammer darn!...I thought I would be able to click thelink and hear it on my G1!...lol
KingofSway @MCHammer I'm doing radio interview about the book tonight. Please write a one page article to put in the book on love in persuasion? Yes?
KingofSway @MCHammer dang! MC, you are blessed and cursed at the same time. Holy Cow!
KingofSway @MCHammer What can I do for YOU, today, MC?
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