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BLAST24: Tweet Question: Define "See" ....

I saw and expressed the pain and told the singer (Sam Logan) to do the ad libs before I recorded the lead rap vocals... I wrote the chorus and had him sing it without hearing the story... I made him dig into his "Soul" and "See" the condition of the people and then express it with melody and conviction... listen and tell me ( Tweet) what you "See" in this song.....

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ThePowerOracle @MCHammer "The prudent see danger and take refuge, but the simple keep going and suffer for it." What one sees does not change what is.

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Gina Cowley
BellaGina @MCHammer . . knowing in your heart of hearts that good will bloom in the most wicked of people if given the opportunity, even on death row.
Claudia Joy MacCloud
ClaudiaMacCloud @MCHammer Could mean a few things... like ''huh, what do you mean'' or I use it as a short cut to well r u gonna answer or whats ur opinion
Reeta Luthra
reetaluthra @MCHammer Seeing applies filters reducing inputs to a set of beliefs and values. We don't see things as they are. We see things as we are.
bnpositive @MCHammer It's not enough to merely "see", like it's not enough to only "hear" we must also LISTEN.
CDChilds @MCHammer , "See is to understaned and know the meaning of your life. Without site you can not find your way"
ashtynevans @MCHammer To see means to understand It takes more than just sight to get the meaning of something Understanding is the key to really seeing
James Alcide Park
jalcide @MCHammer to me, "to see," means: to process incoming events through the lens of every right, and wrong i've ever felt, and to then be fair.
Leo Comerlato
leocomerlato @MCHammer What does it mean to see? It means the underdevelopment of our other senses, such as smelling and hearing.
dragonlady38 @MCHammer For me? To understand or to relate, aside from the purely visual.
David Stoddard
djstoddard @MCHammer See=a belief, mostly in onself, in one's current and future abilities in one's ability to grow, to become more tomorrow than today
sebastian b.
brandi3000 @MCHammer to see means to keep in mind that you're not alone out there and that you don't close your eyes when 'bad' things happen.
Josh "G" McDonald
sophistifunk @MCHammer if that question has a 140 character answer, I'll eat my hat ;-)
howelegant @MCHammer To understand what is before you and to remember what is behind you is to really see.
tomzer1 @MCHammer To see is to have absorbed all facts unfiltered, tumbling into a funnel of realization.
dnicest @MCHammer to be aware, recognize what's in front of you as well as what's not obvious. The unforseen. To understand. Well observed.
aginlock @mchammer when will u b in NYC? r u having a tweet-up?
tomzer1 @MCHammer Yeah! Writing about the past with the tools of the future! What better way to span time? (^_^)
jnapier @MCHammer See, to understand - to feel it - It's more than just your eyes and pictures
Sarah Evans

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Hakim Singhji
HakimS @MCHammer what are you talking about?
Lauren Goddard
lgoddard @mchammer To "see" is an ability. To have vision is a gift.
James Alcide Park
jalcide @MCHammer on your refined suggestion, "to see:" technology is now allowing the, "the battle of ideas," to be won by the common person.
Matt Searles
MattSearles @MCHammer I think see is for cookie? Err, good enough me?
Janice im|incentives
mlvalentine @MCHammer "See." You can visualize not just what is in front of you, but what came before you and what can come after you.
Leo Comerlato
leocomerlato @MCHammer Who do you think is the most powerful nation? And in what aspect(s)?
juiceoli @MCHammer Silly question, why isn't your autobiography called 'Hammertime'?
saskiatijger @MCHammer I am glad Obama has been elected, but when people on here are saying things like; us the most powerfull nation on earth...brrrrrrr
liesforliars @MCHammer they are politically blind
Claudia Joy MacCloud
ClaudiaMacCloud @MCHammer ''See" not ''?'' right? I thoght you were askin about ? :(
Gavin Heaton
servantofchaos @mchammer to connect personal insight with the collective aspirations of a generation
katrina panovich
katrina_ @mchammer (I'm late to the game) I believe Soul "became" R&B is a race thing. "Soul" was black music, R&B was closer to getting radio play.
caseyfern @MCHammer to "See" goes beyond visual acuity, takes on the fourth dimension of progress, envisions the evolution of the seen across stages.
A'Keiba Burrell
akeiba @mchammer dad you tweet a lot lol
nukirk digi.tal
nukirk @MCHammer See = "give me sight beyond sight" :)
Lauren Goddard
lgoddard @mchammer It depends on your definition of "change."
Reeta Luthra
reetaluthra @MCHammer PS:Surreal having you in my twitter stream. I grew up on yr music. I "See" you as one particular time having fun with friends!

donnadoreen @MCHammer it is the core of your most ancient Self-that which is your uniqueness and success as artist husband father friend & Leader

Blue Moon Candles
BlueMoonCandles @MCHammer I wish what I "saw" was as I dance like elaine on seinfeld.

Aimee and her pets.
wishlistworthy @MCHammer Good words of wisdom!

KINGjeorge @MCHammer to "See" for me means understanding the meaning of something. i see a lot of things, but there's alot of things i dont understand.

Christine P
RockCandyRags @MCHammer "seeing" is crystal clear and perfect 20/20 vision with your eyes closed

lynnelle @MCHammer Ah, Mr. Hammer...could it be the other way around? How can one really "see" without the creative force?

Alain Edouard
Yorkali Walters
charlobo @MCHammer transformation = looking at the same thing with new eyes, understanding it in a different way, good or bad.

totaldude @MCHammer dogg please don't take offense but you are being way, way too philosophical for those pants

cynlfg @MCHammer What is essential to the heart is usually invisible to the eye. This is "real seeing".

donnadoreen @MCHammer well said, good definition

JohnInGZ @MCHammer Seeing doesn't always have to be based off of past knowledge. One can "See" at any time an event causes their eyes to open.

Ginger Snaps
GingerSnaps @MCHammer I agree. Remember those wise words: when you close your heart, then you close your mind. Make that change! :)

cynlfg @MCHammer Difficult for many to do but you're right - well worth the effort.

Cheryl Smith
CherylSmith999 @MCHammer right - not all who see, See.

Dave Saunders
davesaunders @MCHammer I view Paul's writings of the seen vs the unseen as like being unplugged from the Matrix and seeing the old world as just "code"

William Leverette
WmLeverette @MCHammer Not necessarily even seeing--any sort of sensory input can be interpreted differently from person to person, day to day.


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donnadoreen @MCHammer to: "see" is a natural intuition; with no bias perception. Absolute "clarity." Foresight... or pre-cognition.

AnnetteTn @MCHammer define See you ask....anything I see through my eyes that I enjoy a lot. Like the star and moon above me in the sky.

lisarobbinyoung @MCHammer see defined is so expansive it takes up half a column in the dictionary. It is noun, verb, adj, Interjection, title & more.

lineberg @mchammer :: To 'See' is to perceive and to envision

Ruben Del Rio
del_rio @MCHammer: Hmm... well to put it one way, you can either "see" a car, or "look at" a car. To "see" is to indirecty looking at something.

Doomguy13 @MCHammer They are not politically blind... they are just blind.

Suzi Pomerantz
SuziPomerantz @MCHammer Wow, what a fab question! As a leadership coach for execs, I think to SEE means to view things with an open mind, authenticity

Dean Anderson
penpusher @MCHammer - to see is to have vision, to have comprehension, to both view and understand what you are viewing.

JohnInGZ @MCHammer "See" in most cases is nothing more than hindsight or a persons modified perception of their own reality.

FashionGrail @MCHammer Keeping an open mind and never passing judgement.

dmackdaddy Icon_red_lock @MCHammer See:Able to envision what is behind you, around you, in front of you. What man uses or fails to use to go around/solve problems!

Bali_chris @MCHammer in order to truly "See" something you have to recognize it for what it is...

Josh "G" McDonald
sophistifunk @MCHammer Seeing is what we all think we're doing while change sneaks up on us from behind.

jonlaliberte @MCHammer What you "See" is based on your perspective of the situation and past experiences. Alas they can tell you, seeing is believing.

bigmet @MCHammer there's a big difference between "looking" and "seeing"

bigmet @MCHammer to look at a man only to see a boy. to see is to look beyond the tangible realm of life and discover realms unknown/unrealized

bigmet @MCHammer to see is to dream. not euphorically but faithfully. to see is to look in the eyes of hatred and see hurt,


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