Sunday, November 09, 2008

BLAST24: Tweet Question: What Is Soul Music?

Why did they change it's name to R&B ?

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Fendi06 @MCHammer...I'm going to follow you back!!!!

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Steve Delaney
SJDelaney @mchammer great Q about Soul rename to R&B - R&B means nothing since almost everything is rythem & blues

Vada Dean
vada @MCHammer: You will love this photostream of Obama on election night.

VIBEvixen @MCHammer thank u for the follow. does your posse still enter in, cold displaying the Troop?

Carey Murdock
careymurdock @MCHammer soul music is James Brown. It's social, political, emotional, spiritual... A language of all that it means to be human

STEAMY_TRAILS @MCHammer Yes and now I do too...thanks for adding me here also :)

Andrew MacNeill
akselsoft @MCHammer /Soul/ I define the two based on how they make me feel. R&B is everything soulful that I don't feel in my bones. Soul I do.

donnadoreen @MCHammer hmmmm good question MC!! I forget why it were changed; wasn't it to include music with no category back then? u following me? : )

Dr G
ZAGrrl @MCHammer Have u seen U Tube / Wikipedia mash? Gr8t site but would be better with your music vids etc on it!

donnadoreen @MCHammer I was right hooked on Marvin Gaye in the 70's.

Dr G
ZAGrrl @mchammer Love your music! is my favorite web space!

words2livebytee @MCHammer Hello! Thanks for the follow. Welcome!

retrochreei @MCHammer How in the world did you find me to follow? Are you real or just a person using his name

Esther Schindler
estherschindler @MCHammer Maybe they changed it to R&B from Soul because record company execs don't have souls?

 iStone 
_iStone_ @MCHammer Why the change to R&B? Maybe so Billboard & Cashbox could save money on ink? Soul's roots are in the slaves. The heart of America.

 iStone 
_iStone_ @MCHammer Was spending some time w/ my 12 yr old son. Back. Soul music? Self explanatory, no? Music from the soul (emotions), close 2 blues.

GailTravel @MCHammer - heard the song on Oprah. It made me cry....again...I'm crying for joy alot this week! How will I make it thru church this AM?

Ty Cohen

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Tyler Hurst
tdhurst @MCHammer is soul music really R&B?

Josh Weinberger
kitson @MCHammer Don't you wonder who the "they" are who decide these things in the first place?
AroundHarlem @MCHammer That's a very good question. Who would you say is soul and who would be R & B.

Irene Koehler
Brian Caldwell
briancaldwell @MCHammer that's a damn fine question! The former has cultural meaning. The latter is just a classification.

MochaMom365 @MCHammer Why are my parents Colored, I'm negro and my son is African American? Cuz ppl can make changes.

CathyBrooks @MCHammer That's easy. Groove that connects deep inside and moves you.

sxypanda @MCHammer ella fitgerald for the win my friend for the mother fuckering win

George T. Straughter
BishopGTS @MCHammer what decade did they do this? Curious.

Gerry Corbett
gfcorbett @MCHammer Good point! Is it really Rythym and Blues? Do not think so. It is still Soul music.

NoReinsGirl @MCHammer R/B gave it a wider audience when definition changed.

tomzer1 @MCHammer Radio and marketing needs categories. Suits can't define it, but it still needed racks in the stores. (grin)

Tom Gardner
nitewraith @MCHammer Some great Soul artists include Al Green, Sam Cooke, Aretha Franklin, Eddie Floyd and Johnnie Taylor

Tom Gardner
nitewraith @MCHammer Soul music is a music genre that combines rhythm and blues and gospel music, originating in the United States.

Ty Cohen
MusicBizCenter @MCHammer you open to doing a drop for our indie music site a site that helps indies?

Jake Brown
jkbrwn @MCHammer i've always called reggae 'music for the soul' because it has a positive message and the beat was created after the heart beat.

BDC_Sharon @MCHammer or something that moves you profoundly?

SashaKane @MCHammer Soul music is integration of gospel and blues. It is the rebirth of music in black souls, later accepted into white mainstream

Ben Leonard
benjaminleonard @MCHammer otis redding. enough said.

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YourGeekGuy Randall
epstudios @MCHammer I retract my last reply and will say soul music can be any genre or style as long as the song is created w/ real passion.

Niquey Nique
stylestar @MCHammer music that makes me feel good on the inside and just overall

Jeremy Blanton
myrtlebeachblog @MCHammer Dude, where can I get some hammer pants?

Alicia Renee
aliciarenee @MChammer ...that which comes from, or moves, the Soul. Optimally :)

YourGeekGuy Randall
epstudios @MCHammer I agree with @Dave_Malby I think of James Brown as well or some nice laid back blues combo. :-)

Donna Ward
DonnaWard @MCHammer Soul Music is a sound that should feel as natural as breathing

AudreyRenee @MCHammer I think its music you can feel inside you. Music that 'moves' you. Feels real.

Dave Malby
Dave_Malby @MCHammer When I think of Soul, I think of the King of Soul! ..James Brown!!

BDC_Sharon @MCHammer That is a difficult thing to answer, I would suppose everyone has a slightly different interpretation. What's yours?

suebob @swirlspice Their tails have curled up since last time I saw them!

tonyafathead @MCHammer Koko Taylor. Buddy Guy.

411zone @MCHammer for me several types of Christian music come to mind, also maybe the winans? just a thought

Tyler Hurst
tdhurst @MCHammer music that is played with the deepest of emotion, drawing on personal experiences

jonv @MCHammer soul music is what we are missing today, I miss Gerald Levert, his last album was amazing

Kenny Kixx
KennyKixx @MCHammer Any music that touches your soul

davelakhani @MCHammer You mean it isn't the Blues Brothers Rock and Soul Review?

Todd Fokus Walton
FokusChicagoKid @MCHammer music that reaches deeper than material possesions and the facade that is only skin deep...sorry, I had to break it

liesforliars @MCHammer I read your blog everyday, even if there are no new updates... love what you do...


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heidivodka Icon_red_lock @MCHammer soul to me is Emma by hot chocolate,that song touches me deeply and it's about an event that can break the soul.

Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I think it's the overuse of acronyms these days. Soul music had too many syllables?

Kyle Mark
kylefsu32 @MCHammer I think of Soul Music and R&B as two different things. R&B is not as connectible!

Jose "FUBAR" Sanchez
donfubar @MCHammer Love the video on your site! It's definitely going to be a change for America in the upcoming years, a change for the better!

taylr @MCHammer you should check out and start sharing photos too!

lilthatlilthis @MCHammer Welcome! Glad to see ya around

jasmine welch
flash_dancer @mchammer "tweeple..." i'm gonna have to start using that word now...

abbyroadme @MCHammer : I believe soul music can be any kind of music. Since Music to me it provoke emotions and enjoyment to the listener.

Travis Wright
teedubya @MCHammer the big record companies sort of placed gospel, soul, blues, jazz, motown : All lumped in as RnB. Record co.'s are dying. Web 2.0

taylr @MCHammer cuz the soul got lost somewhere along the way...

Surf_Records @MCHammer Good question. Society constantly is changing the meaning of words, and inventing new ones.

Robin Piggott
astral330 @MCHammer Yeah MC in the Sixties in Britain, R n B was defined by mostly Blues Bands that added their own stuff ie Rythmn+Blues.Not as today

Jack Bastide
JackBastide @MCHammer BTW look at my Blog and How I handle the posting of Twitter Questions

Jack Bastide
JackBastide @MCHammer Interesting question .. Do you know of any White groups you would consider "Soul" or R & B?

Allen Walker
Allen_Walker @MCHammer Cause most of these singers ain't got no SOUL... Just a bit of rythme and blues from time to time...

Josh "G" McDonald
sophistifunk @MCHammer so white people would listen :-/

Carlton Flowers
carltonf @MCHammer Hammer, I don't know who told "them" that they could do that! To our generation, it will always be SOUL MUSIC! Right? Right!

jackreichert @MCHammer nvr understood r&b. early memory of music store. all lost and confused... Loved "t's a new day" btw thanks!

Christopher Nalty
ChrisNalty @MCHammer Maybe because "R & B" was thought to have a "wider appeal?" Give it a generic, more mainstream name?


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