Monday, November 10, 2008

BLAST24: Sports....A's get Matt Holiday?

Latest: Did the A's just get Matt Holiday ? Did the A's just get Matt Holiday ?

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dmackdaddy Icon_red_lock @MCHammer A's? Did you give up on the Raiders already?! Warriors look bad too!
Karen Hartline
khartline @mchammer you should come to this hip hop class tonight: @gloriakt and I will be there. Maybe they'll let you guest teach!
John Bergquist
johnflurry @MCHammer you should go on I just saw @Aronado invited ya.
Sean Cuthbertson
seancuthbertson @MCHammer it looks like they did! I was hoping my Cubbies would swoop him up...congrats on the pick-up!
Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer I knew you had a little geek in you. Extra points for mentioning The Matrix. =)
Harshal Patel
harshalpatel @MCHammer weren't you a bat boy for the A's a long time ago?
The Music Hunters
DjGabriel @MCHammer - Remembering Dusty Baker and Mark Mcgwire from the Oakland A's. I love San Francisco like I love Google. Like Google love us.
mattgunn @MCHammer Your A's got a great player. All credit to them for pulling off the winter's biggest trade. We're gonna miss Holliday in Denver.

Himanshu Shah
himanshu_shah @MCHammer It's almost a done deal (according to ESPN would be huge for our 2009 season!

Nick Jimenez
NickyJay @MCHammer YUP! Matt Holliday & his. 321 Avg, 25 homers and 88 RBIs are headed to Oaktown. Let's go Oak-laaaand!

Steven Klassen
mrxinu Icon_red_lock @MCHammer Indeed they did.

Grant Ruby
grantruby @MCHammer Blogs that I read have Holliday going to the A's, yes.

Ed Zschau
edzschau @MCHammer got Holladay for Carlos Gonzalez, Huston Street and Greg Smith.

moon @MCHammer Yes, the A's just traded for Matt Holiday

Justia97 @MCHammer do you write these twitter posts yourself?

Laurent Courtines
gamesdotcom @MCHammer good times for your A's hammer. Now if Beane will just go all in? Maybe bring back Giambi at a discount? At some point colle ... ...

Alex Miroshnichenko
MiroFoto @MCHammer back off Hammer ... leave Holiday to my Angels ;)

Mike Styles
pure23 @MCHammer The A's actually got someone, not give someone away cause they don't want to pay... WOW!

Kevin McGuire
Financial_Tips @MCHammer . . . with all of the sugar I am ingesting I too may end up a dance jammer!

Scott Gulbransen
prgully @MCHammer Wow...hadn't heard. That guy is tough...good pick up.

WiredMonkey @MCHammer sure looks that way. Holliday for Greg Smith and possibly others. Trade won't be confirmed for another 48hrs. they say.

Sue P
grumpifrog @MCHammer That's what Sporting News is saying. Fine by me. I didn't want him on my Phillies.

goyato @MCHammer Seems so. ESPN's got it up already - Greg Smith is in; maybe B. Anderson, R. Sweeney, and/or C. Gonzales

AgingBackwards @MCHammer "Feeling" is the new "seeing."

Ethan Winters
ethanwinters @MCHammer out of no where! love the move, but i can totally see beane flipping him to a contender this july.

Cee El Dub
steen @MCHammer not yet, but it looks like the deal is going through. check this:



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