Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blast24 News: Chicago...violent pain

How long will we ignore this reality? America get ready as the violence (conditions) is headed to your door step. I am praying that we see the errors of our neglect and that the pain that is being nurtured in the soul of the inner cities of America is addressed before it becomes the most massive wave of protest and violence that this country has ever seen..........we may be too late.


Anonymous said...

I feel honored that my video has made it here. I just want the world to see whats going on in my city.......thank you

Brandon bush

MC Hammer said...

Your work on this video captured the pain of the struggle for life and the absence of peace, that is a plaque and a curse among the children of hopeleness in America. I thank you. May God continue to bless you.

MC Hammer

North said...

Powerful!! Most heartwrenching!!

Being a poor woman myself; I see around me, the agent of violence, which poverty begets. Helpless and hopelessness are iminent feelings and emotions of the impoverished persons.

The only way to gain momentum; is for governments, to ensure every being has ample monthly income for food and lodging!

I lived on 12 thousand dollars last year, and 6 thousand was for rent alone.

Factor in food, bills, medicine; and a person like me is broke by second week of every month. So, it's feast, then famine month to month, year after year!!

It's only been 4 years I've been unable to work; and allready; I wish for death..this kind of life is not living; it's a walking death-sentence..slow and painful.

I think I will die from poverty; far sooner than I might from my dead stomach of 9 years!

Some things are far worse than death--and poverty is IT! Ask me, I know, and I can tell ya.

I am not black, but I am part Ojibway; so I too--face descrimination in the work force, community...

I ask myself--why was I born?

Four years ago--I never would have believed I'd wish for death. I am not depressed, suicidal--I am just tired of living poor, struggling with my faith. I'm tired of worrying about not enough money or food, not able to buy new clothes and shoes...

WE--whom are financially oppressed--can only hope for social change; but, our governments ensure that tax-payers are convinced that WE are the financial drain on society; when in FACT, it is war, which drains a country!

Loving respect--well done, Brandon!


Anonymous said...

Hey Hammer...Its been years since I attended one of your concerts as a teen in Champaign IL at the University of Illinois! I heard you were preaching now and are out on the west that true? Check out my blog! :) Micah

Anonymous said...

Thanks North and Hammer,

My intention was for the world to see whats going on and take action. This is only the beginning and unfortunately there will be more innocent blood shed as the year goes on.

North said...

Brandon, I would like to offer my services for free--to create for you a poster for your cause!! IF you have graphics you can send to me to start with--I"d be more than happy, to offer some visual aide to the plight of the oppressed black community--struggling to swim in a pool of deprivation, impoverishment, joblessness, whereas these impositions placed upon humans by lack of government commitment and inept policy; which could create security of home and food at the least! Educating children and at home; about the rights and liberties to ALL in America are what America is all about! America was MADE by generations of immigrants!

You can peep my myspace Brandon, send me a "message" there, if you'd like me to create you a poster to your specifics--though I need the photos you may have. IF no photos, I can see what I can do.


North said...

I wasn't going to try anything until tomorrow; but, got on it right away. Stopping now, as it's 20 to 4am! eeek!

Here is design #1 using 3 of Brandon's images he supplied to me. All I did was put them together to create the finished product. There are 4 other variations on my myspace in an album titled: "For Brandon/Mr. Personality from: North

Then, Brandon can upload them from there to his, we have three sites, spreading the good word! This one, Mine and Brandon's.

Amazing, the swiftness of God's unmistakable hand, to stretch across the globe, and touch all 3 of us...

Stay Blessed,

North said...

woopsies!! Here's the link to ONE picture.. to entice you and others to peep the other 4 variations!!

Oook,,, I am off to become at ONE with my pillow and blankie.(yawning smiles)

Dezdecaydance said...

Wow..really this all is just setting up for the coming of Jesus Christ..and we all know whats gonna go down before he shows up..every year things are just getting worse.i dont know who to blame anymore.

Kingpin L W said...

What North said in her first comment really touched me.
Its discusting that in this day and age people in our so called civilised society are expected to live like this.
Billions are spent on a war that is going nowhere while Americas own are struggling to survive.
People in the UK seem to be in the same situation but at least they have a health service that will treat anyone.

Kingpin L W said...

By the way those pictures look awesome North.

North said...

Thankyou Kingpin/w.

I agree with you; it is definately unright. Poverty is an agent for war, unrest, violence, dependancy. Naturally, this is what our government wants--so they can keep us oppressed, fearful of becomging that we'll agree to anything they say/do as right.

I've lost faith in leadership. I've lost the zest for life in my struggles. There are some things worse than death--and poverty is it.

I actually tried to come in and delete my comments..I don't want pity, nor anyone calling me a whiner.. lol but, the facts speak for themselves I guess.

Thanks for the compliments on my designs for Brandon. It was my pleasure to do..I can do nothing else, so it gives my life meaning when I create images...

God Bless, and keep us all inspired in life.


sohbet said...

thanks it is really good work

webwizzy said...

its really touchy !!..

nice work..

sue teri said...

Hi. Just reading the comments here. I live in Ireland, and I can tell you that poverty, hatred, discrimination, and disregard for basic humanity are not just limited to issues of race/colour. We have it BAD here, and there are very few people of colour here. However, if you are poor, you have to live in a council estate (ghetto) and are consistently subject to such things as police brutality and dishonesty (particularly for young males); educational, job, and positional discrimination; lack of resources and other necessities for your children; constant threat of eviction to homelessness for anyone suffering and then acting out resultant effects of the above mentioned - again, particularly young males;poor health services, and lack of availability of them; and cuts in all programmes that are meant to assist those who are poorer... all while our rich get richer and get more considerations from - everywhere. It's beyond frustrating and angering! And previous to what poor people experience here now, the Irish suffered 800 years of horrendous acts and inhumanities from the English - little has changed... But everyone is told that everything is grand, and the government diddles the stats so that it looks alright on paper. No, poverty and discrimination - inhumaneness - is not just a race thing; it's a class issue as well. Having said all that, then, what's different about your Obama? What examples can you site of considerations he has given to the poor? We hear here that he is classist and insultive to poor peoples? He might as well be a rich, white man then...

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Chicago Laser Hair Removal said...

The violence is out of control!
This week, Sens. Dick Durbin and Barack Obama of Illinois asked for the Justice Department to include Chicago as part of its Anti-Gang Initiative, a federal program to enhance gang-prevention efforts. The program has provided 10 cities with $2.5 million each for anti-gang efforts.

"We are asking the Justice Department to make combating gang violence in Chicago a top priority this summer and in the future," Durbin said in a statement.

As for Ronald Holt, he has no plans to give up his fight. He said he owes it to his son.

"I have to continue to honor his heroism. He showed bravery, sacrifice and courage," he said. "That's one of the reasons I keep fighting."

His son's alleged killer was a 16-year-old gang member, as was his alleged accomplice. Both could face decades in prison if convicted.

Holt and White both said youth need to know their actions have consequences -- that the majority of violent offenders are captured and put behind bars. For White, he didn't realize that until he was in the federal pen serving hard time.

Holt said he hopes his message will reach at least one person on the fringes and that he or she changes his or her ways. He said he knows the pain of what it's like to lose a son in "one fell swoop, in the blink of an eye."

"It's just overwhelming. You just don't know what to do after that. And I think that's the one part that's extremely gripping and you can't get past: You've done all these things. Your child is a normal, typical teenager enjoying life, and then all of a sudden, here comes a devil's advocate, as I say."

Holt said people -- moms and dads, aunts and uncles, grandparents and other mentors -- need to be active in kids' lives to keep them out of trouble.

He then rattled off his favorite memories with Blair: seeing him throw his first baseball, watching him graduate from kindergarten and grade school, and witnessing him mature physically and mentally into a young leader.

This loving dad said one other moment stands out: "Watching him take his first baby steps."

Holt added, "It's just so unfair that he's not here. Just like it's so unfair that all the other children [killed in Chicago] are not here."

God bless,

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