Saturday, April 26, 2008

Blast24 News: Sean Bell

This summer is going to be violent.... I have blogged again and again about the pending outbreak of violence and the next big American riot.... Now we add to the mix injustice..a racially dividing political battle...and recession, outrageous gas prices and a food shortage....


North said...

The USA must stop engagin in warring; and begin to heal its people at HOME! Sadly, keeping people poor in a country; is a war-tactic, and mental-terrorism upon society's most vulnerable--the aged, disabled(me), children, and minority groups.

How did WE become pawns of politics? How can our leaders sleep at night; knowing they impoverish their "own people" in the USA--so they can war abroad?

I never thought I'd live to see the day--the west becomes less-caring year after year--in valuing every single human life!

Troubles the heart, mind and spirit--and this is what they want; to keep us insecure; so we will allow the governments to do whatever they want.

Everybody fears becoming poor! I never thought I"d ever be disabled or poor; but, it happened. It can happen to anyone--but, somewhere along the line; we lose respect, dignity and a place in society.

I cannot imagine what it must be like, for my black brothers and sisters; whom face violent discrimination--because of skin colour?

WE all bleed red blood people!! geez! grrr(sorry discrimination angers me)

Blessings--Love to ALL and ALL to LOVE!

firma list said...

we'are all sean bell

Anonymous said...

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