Friday, May 02, 2008

This Is Who I AM......Rebel From Oakland

Nothing could express the essence of who I am as a man more than this film. I am the expressed image of Oakland personified. This era made me. God created me in eternity and birthed me in this time. My heart and soul is Oakland.


North said...

To fight evil, we need love as the challenger! To fight injustice, we need a voice and you have that voice MC! You have the spunk, and courage and strength to speak up for those; whom cannot speak up for themselves...I think, this is why I admire you deeply getting to know you through your blogs the past 3 years here.. You are blessed; and we must find a way, to let everyone feel blessed in their lives...


mrepine said...

Hey Oakland-boy - Here is a rapappeal for you...
There is not a snowballs chance in _ _ _ _
That Mr. Hammer would hear our yell

But I am writing to him just in case
His Sat morning (6/21) has some space

That�s the date we share our manifesto,
cutting the ribbon at Children�s Hospital Center in Modesto

Mr. Hammer knows, �Children dying oh so fast from this or that�
& Children�s hopes to stem the tide and raise the health of families --stat

Yea, it�s a terrible rap �
What we are asking is � Would MC Hammer make an appearance at the opening Children�s Hospital Center in Modesto?

Even a quick photo-op and handshake with the mayor would be a tremendous boost to our efforts to make sure everyone�s aware of the new medical clinics and services (like neurosurgery, neurology, endocrinology, cardiology, gastroenterology, psychiatry, and sports medicine) that Children�s new care center is offering to the community.

JUNE 21,2008
@ 11 AM � 1 PM
Ribbon Cutting of Children�s Hospital Modesto
4062 Dale Rd, Modesto

Contact: Venita @ 510 428 3069

Great content on the blog BTW - thanks for all you do.