Monday, January 21, 2008

Blast24 Music News : "Looking Out The Window"

MC HAMMER from the "Look U Opposition" project


Tang said...


The song is cool, but the chorus can be better. Maybe you have JD sing it?

William T

MC Hammer said...

the chorus is meant to capture the soulfulness and pain of the 70's.. and communicate the sounds of a broken heart ,JD sings to good for this one...

Tang said...


That makes sense.

Is this video the official one ? Or just for web broadcast ?

And ... all of us are waiting for DanceJam.

William T

MC Hammer said...

These and other future videos represent the new direction in song interpretation and visuals for all mediums that capture the thoughts of the artist who make the songs using all the tools in the digital space... Digital Music Videos made for digital delivery to all web..etc.. So instead of the old idea of one single..etc one song will have multiple videos..the artist versions..the user generated versions with artist and without artist participation... technology has created new ground for us to consume and enjoy music and movies in more ways than ever before.. at FullBLast Music Group we are leading the way in this new web 3.0 approach to the music business.

Anita said...

I loved the song the first time you posted it before. The finished product sounds great. And I get that feeling from the chorus, it do take you back to that '70's feel of music.

I appreciated you sharing what you have been up too and keeping your fans in the know.

I understand what you mean about using other outlets to get your craft out, but in the same time, only your true fans will know what is going on, I still feel like putting out a video/single an album will reach alot more people. Of course that is only my opinion. I will support you no matter what!

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Kingpin L W said...

I like this new way of releasing music or videos onto the internet. A few years back everyone had to wait and try to catch a video on MTV or time it right and hear a song on the radio when first released but now its instant and on demand.
I do agree with Anita though about only a few people finding whats happening this way.
I might be old fasioned but having a CD with its covers and inlay is still better than downloads, but I suppose this new way gives the artist more freedom?.
The song and video were awesome though.

Anonymous said...

I love the video, It's hot

3vi10n3 said...

I just heard this song watching a video of Realm's Lincoln Continental. I couldn't stop searching for it until now. I know I'm not the first to say it, but THIS SONG KICKS ASS!!!! I LOVE its SOUL. It has been a long time since i have heard a song that has moved me like that. I regularly listen to rock (Metallica, slipknot, etc.), but I am not ashamed to say that I starve for music with more soul. You have Brought me that. As a man brought up on classical, jazz, and blues, as well as hip-hop, you have brought me to a place I have since forgotten. Thank you M.C.. I await your next Masterpiece.

Alexander Santos

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