Monday, January 21, 2008

Blast24News : Dr. King

Dr. King Thank you for your love, sacrifice and commitment. I remain a "Dreamer" and I am living the "Dream" as I walk and exist in the vision. My freedom and opportunity and right to express my art and live my life to the fullest are the very fruits of your labor. We are the Sons and Daughters of the movement.. and we are on the move. I promise you that your life resonates, rest and resides in the depths of my soul and never shall I take my access and freedoms for granted. I know that Blood was shed for these freedoms. I hear the "voice" of my Brothers Blood crying out,"Is this the life that we were sacrificed for ?", No sir, but yet in a while will you see the new leaders who have new visions and new fire for the fight and are fit for the battle, they will rise up and lead the people out of the strongholds of poverty, medication and perception. We are the visionaries who believed the Dreamer. Rejoice Dr. King and celebrate the new hope that you have birthed from the grave of victory, in the living spirit of our struggle and purity of your unblemished soul...for without this hope, dream and vision the people are surely sickened unto death.


Jennifer Palmer said...

Go to - you'll see Dr King as the background.


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alyceclover said...

Do love 21st century technology. I love watching the old footage of Dr. King speeches. I love the way users create collages of yesterday and today.