Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Years Workout Is Working !!!!

Gotta get that core strong as steel because I use my abs a lot when I dance. The Cha Cha (Westcoast) is the best low impact dance to work them. I'm going to teach that dance at Keep working out !!!!


North said...

(whistle whoot woo!!) Looking great MC!! THem abs look washboard.. perfectomundo!! Nice hard work..

suggestion though; why not create a learning dance-vid for US ALL to follow at home? lol This way, I can crunch to the scrunch, grunt, moan and groan in pain.. in private! lol : )

I'm willing to bet(figuratively speaking) that your vids on dance.. would sell like hotcakes MC!!

WE, the people.. need motivators, and you are the BEST of the BEST!

What say, folks, anyone agree wit-me?

North said...

ohh.. i DID mean, sell the vids global, on you giving instructions on the dances you've mastered; that millions of kids and adults would love to emmulate...

k2 said...

MC -
Abs are looking good and I really like your blog. Originally, I was came here to blog tag u because I quote u on my blog, which I still will, but I really dig your site.
Great job!

As far as the blog tag, if u chose to play, great - it's a wonderful way to read other blogs, if not - I'm still happy that I stopped by, your a cool guy with a lot to say!

Rules of blog tag.
Make a post with either
7 famous people you've met or
7 interesting facts about yourself and then tag 7 other random blogs and post them on your random blog tag post and let them know that you've tagged and posted them.

Have a good one Hammer and keep the faith!

Kelly K

Tang said...


Why don't u share your workout routine with us?

William T

J.P. said...

Are those 6 minute abs?

Anita said...

I agree with you North. Back in the day of course when I was 15 or so, I kept in shape by doing all of the Hammer moves. I recorded all of his videos and live performances and went back and learned the moves and eventually was moving right along with him.

Its definitely a great way to keep in shape, but of course now that I'm older its harder, but it would be something I would surely try if he did put out his own dance/workout vid.

Looking Good Hammer!!!!

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MC Hammer said...

Thanks to all...
Dancing is the key....I have a lot to convey this year that I think will be helpful in the journey of life...
since I communicate and express myself with the arts of music, dance,poetry and theater I have taken the time to include a blueprint for strength, power, humility and spirituality within the music that is the "Look U Opposition" project. The common denominator is the dance..the power is in melody (healing) comes from both....stay tuned ...mind body and spirit whole....

Les said...

I'm embarrassed - you're 12 years older than me and it looks as though you could deflect asteroids with your abs. Mine would just give them a soft landing.

Embarrassed, but inspired and motivated to do something about it. :)

Anonymous said...

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North said...

Credit given where credit is deserved, MC : )

Anita..if you search in my friends section on my myspace

use my friend search engine: for CKY2K Radio; as they posted a bulletin, looking for models, for the next, "Fast and Furious" film, a week or so ago; I"ve only been back online a week, and NO time to look for their link.. lol

I'd love to have all MC's CD's and vids... kinda hard to get anything up north where I live.. we have ONE teeny music store.. sigggh I still have my hammer harem-style pants though.. worn so thin, can't wear'm no more..but they are my treasure of "the day, back when".

mathildeesling said...

Dear Mc Hammer,

Happy New Year 2008!

Much success to you:)

Who's Your Daddy said...

Hammer! Great blog!

Confession: I dressed up as Hammer in the early '90s for Halloween...when I too had abs like that!

Didn't realize that Hammer was diggin the surfer vibe!

reggy said...

Mc youre the best dancer in the world

Don said...

Mind, body & spirit' sho.

Anonymous said...

Looking Outstanding Hammer. I like the change